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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The Cubs loss to the Fish today was not to be blamed on the bullpen, but the Chicago Cubs bullpen has lost 13 games for the team so far this year.


Nearly half of the teams losses can be attributed to the bullpen.

In case you have less than 10 brain cells currently working in that empty head of yours, that's really fucking sad. (and that's still three less cells than the... well, you get the point).

I'm heading for the fridge.

I'll grab you one too.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Few More Thoughts

Three shots in the fourth quarter? No free throws the entire game? Lebron, what gives? Tell me you stayed up late. Tell me you got poked in the eye. Tell me you forgot to wear your lucky jock. But please don't tell me you were afraid to drive the lane because you can't hit free throws. Don't tell me you only took three shots in the fourth quarter because you thought Izzy was hotter than you at the time. If I was a Cavs fan, I'd be thinking about the one that got away. I'd be thinking that the Pistons aren't going to play that poorly again. I'd be thinking about what to do while the Pistons and someone else are in the Finals.

I think the NBA lottery should be weighted heavier in the worst team in the NBA's favor. The Grizz only have a 25% chance at the top pick. A 45% chance to have on or two. That means (for those who aren't mathematically inclined) that they have a 55% chance of not getting the top two picks. Ouch.

The Cubs face Jake Peavy tonight and his 5-1, 1.64 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, .241 Opp. SLG., 18BB/71K. Wow. He's good for at least 100 pitches a game. Hear that Guzman?! Rich Hill tries to match up with the Peavy at the Friendly Confines. Good Luck with that. Will D-Lee be back? Will it matter?

Speaking of the NBA Draft, do you think Kevin Durant would be passing up any shots?

Can Mike Mussina man up tonight and show the Yankee faithful he's actually worth the jack? It's definitely time to show up when the BoSox are in town.

The Brew Crew beat the Dodgers and held off a late rally with their bullpen. I think Styles and I might be in for a long haul here. If either one of our fave teams can get their heads above water. The Cubs and the 'Stros are both on a West Coast trip, so we'll know soon enough. Neither of these teams wants to be two games below .500 nor 6.5 back of the Brewers (although the Twins wish they were playing that well). At least Houston has the Roy Oswalt to fight behind tonight. although there's been lot's of talk about Tim Lincecum. If only Phil Garner had a clue who to play at third base (i.e. there ain't no "D" in Mike Lamb).

The Cowboys new stadium will host the 2011 Super Bowl. Maybe the Cowboys will be back in the playoffs by then.

Michelle Wie said a few weeks ago she's going to forgoe Men's events and focus on winning a Women's event sometime (or even getting close to the leaderboard in one). Oops, I guess she meant after she accepts a sponsor's exemption for the John Deere Classic in July. At least it's a few weeks after she plays in her first LPGA event of the year (next week's Ginn Tribute). Nice. Maybe she'll break 70 one of these days, something she hasn't done in her last 16 rounds. Maybe she won't choke this time like she did two years ago when she was a shot above the cut, only to double bogey 15 and bogey 16 to miss the cut by two strokes. OK, that's pretty harsh on someone who is going to graduate from high school this weekend, but I'm not sure when, if ever, all this attention was placed on a golfer just trying to make the frickin' cut.

And finally, Ernie Banks will be honored with a statue at Wrigley Field. It'll go up by Opening Day 2008. Kinda figures he has to Wait 'Til Next Year to see it, eh? Strange that Harry Caray got one first, but Harry's did come with a can-holder.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Graham's Random Rants

Let this be a lesson to you on the Northside. If you give up a game winning grand slam to AJ Pierzinski, you get a one way ticket to Iowa. Maybe we'll see you in August, Neal.

So, let me get this straight. With less than a minute to go, Lebron James gets the ball into the paint, five feet from the hoop, no less than two times, and he doesn't take a shot. Hmmm... That doesn't sound like money to me. Except on those close up shots of his shoes.

Where's the "Hunter Pence, NL Player of the Week" post, Styles?!

I find it curious that the Yankees get Giambi right about the same time he "admits" the first time he used steroids, and they say and do nothing. Oh yeah, he was ripping the cover off the ball then. But, when the back-loaded deal gets to the loaded part, and he says "we" shouldn't have done "that stuff", they want to void his deal. Business is business. Produce, and they'll put their heads in the sand. Slump, and it's Hasta La Vista. Nice homerun today though, JG. And, with the Yanks beating the Sawx 6-2 to start the three game series, the talk of voiding will have to wait another day.

Ditto for Alex. Those HR's in the win over the Mets and then today in the W over Boston quickly cools the "we know you're a perennial MVP and all, but we still think you suck" talk. Hey, bring him to ChiTown. Sweet Lou will take him anyday, and A-Rod will play for Pinella anytime.

I'm sick of these "Click It or Ticket" bullshit commercials. It's not to "save lives". Anyone with half a brain knows that. It's to save the Big Insurance Companies big cash. Why do you think they lobbied for the laws so hard?

Speaking of commercials that piss me off, can we ditch the "VW's are cheap, so don't kill yourself" garbage? Seriously. Yeah, I can sleep better now... Commercialism/Consumerism at it's finest. Or worst.

Is it going to be San Antonio v. Detroit again in the NBA Finals? Does anyone outside of Mowtown and the Riverwalk really care? Hey NBA, how's it feel that NASCAR really kicks your ass?

Why is there still the WNBA? Gives young ladies something to shoot for. Role models and all that. Sure. If playing for crowds one-third of the size of the average Women's Tennessee NCAA game makes you feel special, then by all means, go for it. I'm pretty sure Arena Football is going to outdraw/outview ya, if it already hasn't done so.

Not that I give two shits about that stupid indoor "football" crap.

Chris Henry's agent says his client did not fail the test. What else would you say when you're losing a big chunk of your meal ticket? OK, insert "allegedly" as many times as necessary in yesterday's post. Happy now? I'm sure parents of young teenage girls across the country feel safer already.

Tim Wakefield allows the 2nd most stolen bases amongst active MLB pitchers. Not unusual, considering he's a knuckler and all. But what is odd is that Greg Maddux is #1. Of course, that's just because he could care less about anyone not holding a bat. Or maybe he's just slow to the plate.

Clinton Portis says people should mind their own business and let Mike Vick kill, fight, and mame dogs (allegedly). Thanks for letting us know you do it too, CP. You idiot. Oh, and when told it's a felony to do such a thing, the genius Portis responded, "it can't be that bad of a crime". Ahhh, the sound of stupidity is so... infuriating.

Houston fires Jeff VanGundy and hires Rick Adelman. Guess that means Skip To My Lou will get to push the ball. Finally.

Alright, I'm done for now. Later.

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Four Strikes and You're Out

Chris Henry failed a court-ordered drug test today, with opiates showing up in his system. Let that settle in for a sec. He knew he was going to be tested, the date and time of the test, and he still failed. For Opiates. Seriously. He's looking at 88 days in a Kentucky jail, and he's violated his probation in Florida.

Now, as Dan Patrick said on his ESPN Radio show today, Henry has hit for the cycle. He's been hit with a DUI, possession of marijuana, contributing to the delinquency of minors, and now this. Also, on March 25th, he got pulled over for failing to use a turn signal and failure to wear a seatbelt, and was hit with a Driving While Suspended charge. All these incidents happened since Dec. '05. That's some year and a half, eh?

In addition, the delinquency of minors charge involved an 18 year old girl who alleged Henry raped her (he was since cleared), and two other girls, aged 15 and 16!!! WTF????? This guy needs a brain transplant. Hey, Cincinnati, let this cat go. Now. Drop him.

Which brings to mind the title of this little rant. When would you decide to drop a mulit-million dollar investment that seemed to work for Satan himself? Err, OK, that's a little bit overly dramatic, but you get my drift. How many strikes does it take before you say, "hmm..., maybe this guy's a little wacked out"? What's next? Crack? Domestic Violence? Murder?

You know Roger Goodell is going to drop the axe on this kid now. I say kid since he just turned 24 this past Thursday. And he's obviously not acting like a Man. A man on the brink of being a millionaire. Hell, he's already a frickin' millionaire.

Back to the Commish. Here's the quote he made concerning Chris Henry after his suspension for eight games stemming from his prior misbehavior, "I must emphasize to you that this is your last opportunity to salvage your NFL career. I urge you to take full advantage of the resources available to support you in that effort."

In other words, nice knowing ya.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Catch This

Do I have to say anything besides grand slam home run by A.J. Frickin' Pierzinski?

I didn't think so.

Except, *%@#%!!!!

Ex-Cub Aardsma gets rolled by the Cubs yesterday, and ex-ChiSox Cotts gets stomped by the Southsiders today. Guess that's poetic or something.

Or just painfull to watch for a Cub fan.

Cue the Meatloaf for this one...

(ya know, 2 out of 3 and all that)

Bring on the Daddies on 2sday.

Maybe the Cubs will get to .500 by June.


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Oh Yeah!

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Do I even have to say anything besides Derrek Lee, pitch-hit, grand slam home run?

I didn't think so.

OK, how about Jason Marquis with a two-run shot, Ryan Theriot and Aramis Ramirez with triples, Daryle Ward with another double, Michael Barrett with his second homer in as many days, and the Chicago Cubs win the home series against the Chicago White Sox by winning the first two games in Wrigley. Nice. If Big Z can win game 3 tomorrow afternoon, it's back to .500 for the Cubbies.

Damn, I hope I'm not talking about frickin' .500 for very much longer this season. Unless it's D Lee's BA or Theriot's OBP. Or how many beers are sold in the rightfield bleachers by the middle of the second inning.

Hey, Howry and Eyre, can you fucks stop giving up so many runs this year for a change? Seriously. Try keeping people off base for a change. Not like you are two of the highest paid Cubs or anything...

And speaking of highly paid Cubs, Soriano, what's with the 4 for the last 29? 0 HR and 1 RBI in that stretch as well, "hitting" in the 3 slot. Maybe he needs to breathe through his eyeballs or something.

I was just talking with my buddy, and fellow Cub fan, Joe on Thursday about how the Cubs need to send Angel Guzman back to the pen, and bring up Sean Marshall to start games. Ya know, someone that can last longer than 75-80 pitches. And, I also said it'd be nice to have Carlos Marmol up in the pen and send some of the non-performers off to Iowa to think about things. And guess what Sweet Lou does?

MAN, it's nice to have a real baseball man in the dugout for a change.

Go Cubs!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Matt Resell's First Post

This is Matt's first post, blogspot.com is currently blocking him for some reason . My guess would his little known aggravated assault case against Chris Hovan.

A few weeks ago Graham and I decided to revive this here blog, as it had just lay in the wasteland of cyberspace, only receiving hits because you voyeurs are constantly searching the web for pictures of Joe Mauer’s girlfriend.

Oh my, what’s this!

Anyways, Graham and I met at a super secret think tank somewhere south of The Andes to discuss where to go from there.

Matt: Ya wanna start the blog up again?

Graham: I guess so.

Matt: Sweet!

Graham: Totally!

Matt: My buddy Pat wants in.

Graham: Right on! You hungry!

Matt: How about tacos?

Graham: Nah, burritos!

Matt: Score! (awkward hi-five)

After that we went through an excruciating deliberation process of trying to figure out how to best bring Unrestricted View back to the halcyon days of the Vote For Neifi and Juan Campaign that eventually landed us on an Orlando radio station.

Graham decided to bring his posts from Behind The Ivy over here, so he could have more writing freedom to post about a team nobody cares about. I mean, Go Cubbies!

Pat, err…Rick Styles (gay) promptly began posting about all things lame Houston, complete with improper grammar and a courageous disregard for the SHIFT key.

Me? Well, I’ve done nothing. I’d like to say that I’ve been totally busy with really cool stuff like banging Scarlett Johansson, and banging Penelope Cruz, and banging Jessica Alba, and……well, you get the idea. Truth be told, I’m actually just lazy and am easily distracted by seemingly trivial things.

Oh, look, a puppy!

Wait. Where was I?

That’s right – why I haven’t been posting. I suppose it doesn’t really matter why I haven’t been posting. And although this is technically my first post, you’re not getting any sports information in this one. The thing is, I don’t really know what I want to post about. I’ve got a few different ideas, so I’ll let you vote on them in the comment section.*

A) The Twins and Braves

B) The NL Central teams not covered by Rick Styles and Graham

C) Funny sports related material (think Deadspin)

D) In-depth statistical analysis of teams and/or players

E) I’m just here to fuck Matt

*voting results will have very little—if anything at all—to do with what I actually decide to post about. But don’t let that stop you from expressing your opinion.


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Don't Want To Talk About It

Cubs blew ANOTHER game in the ninth today, allowing five runs in the bottom of the ninth to the hated Mets to lose the game 6-5. Ryan Dempster and Scott Eyre were the victims today. Dempster walked the bases loaded, then walked in a run, then a RBI single, then was pulled for Eyre. Scott allowed two straight hits to David Wright and Carlos Delgado, and there went the game.

Can Carlos Marmol or Sean Marshall help out? I don't care who the hell it is, but something must be done. Someone's going to get hurt. Besides people within throwing distance of my TV.

Oh, the joys of being a Cub Fan...

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one pence, sooooo the richer!

Okay so everybody knows the theme from shaft right? Well sing that Issac Hayes classic in your head for a second but when you get to the part where the backup singer's chime in with the chorus line that just so happens to be the name of the song/movie, insert the word:"PENCE" yeahhh, now i can dig that!

You know who else can dig it? The Astros Fans, pence absolutely tore it up in spring training and you can ask Matt Resell, I told him that Pence was going to get called up before the all star break. This one really was a no-brainer. Chris Burke is not an outfielder, especially a center fielder. It was inevitable that he was going to have trouble at that position and to make it worse for Chris he has not fully recovered from shoulder surgery in the off season so his batting couldn't even save his job in the lineup. Chris Burke will be back, once Mark Loretta moves on and Biggio retires. Chris will be playing his true position at second and he will get the Chance he deserves.

No where was I? Oh yeah Hunter Pence, i know it is early but as an Astro enthusiast I am really excited about this kid. We haven't had a real hitting star come out of our farm system since Lance Berkman, I'm not calling Pence a star yet but i am willing to say that he has the tangibles to be one. If Pence continues to develop as a Major League player the way he has in this short time up, he could be (GASP) a Five Tool Player! (Knock on Wood)
Regardless of all my Hunter man crushing, his emergence in the lineup has sparked a vastly better team in May than the one we endured in April. Its not all Hunter Pence though. Berkman has been hitting much better and Lee is swinging the bat like he is "El Cabong", the cartoon Spanish horse that would wail his guitar into a purse snatcher. Bottom line, the Astros are better, bullpen is holding up and the starters are giving good outing's the majority of the time. Its not all him, but who better to serve as a scapegoat for the teams success than the fresh faced 24 year old who should probably pay more attention to the game going on, than hand signaling his age to a hottie on the Home Run Porch. I heard she's a lesbian Hunter, one out buddy....throw's going to second!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bounce Back

Well, the Cubs and the Bulls bounced back to make this Chicago Sports fan happy, at least for a few more days. The Cubbies came to play in game two of the four game series in Shea Stadium 10-1. Nice. The Bulls, stunningly, suprisingly, mysteriously, came back to win Game 5 of the Second Round of the Eastern Conference NBA Playoffs. How the hell did that happen? I'm not sure, but it's great to see the Bulls, at the very least, go out like Men and with Pride. Gotta like it. Unless you're a Pistons fan. It helps when the Bulls shoot 57.3% from the field, including 62.5% from the arc. When P.J. Brown (8) out rebounds Big Ben Wallace (5) and the Bulls still win 108-92, it's good news for Scotty Skiles and the guys.

So, the day when Carlos Zambrano changes his mechanics a bit, he comes out like a superstar, holding the big bats of the New York Mets to one run on six hits and three walks over 8.0 innings. By far his best outing on the season to this point. Green's leadoff homer in the bottom of the fifth was the only blunder on the day for Big Z. Not too shabby at all. Endy Chavez helped out with his 3 LOB, of course, but the Cubs will take the win, for sure.

Being such a blowout, they got to rest Mark DeRosa for a game. Can't really feel good about the 0-5 night Alfonso Soriano had, but Ryan Theriot continues to impress with a three walk and one hit day from the leadoff spot, scoring two runs. He's up to .313 BA and .383 OBP in the season. Dig it. How about Cliff Floyd going 3-5 from the 2-slot. Not sure how this guy is doing it or why he's batting second, but hell, I'll take it. Daryle Ward went 2-4 with 2 RBI, a run scored and a double. He's got a .348/.516/.478 going. With Derrek Lee maybe out until the weekend showdown with the ChiSox, it's nice to see Ward contributing while the Northsiders need him. Jacque Jones went 2-4 and I really like seeing him in the seven slot. Hear that Dusty? Sweet Lou showing the Cub Fans on a daily basis why they're much better off with a REAL baseball guy steering the ship.

Hey, I haven't even mentioned Aramis Ramirez' Grand Slam yet. Top of the sixth with two out. Gotta like that. Well, unless you're Scott Schoeneweis. Or John Maine, since it put the game out of reach and notched his first "L" of the season.

Can Rich Hill keep up the good work tonight? I hope so. Maybe they can make it back to .500 again.

Go Cubs!

Go Bulls? Can they really win Game 6 at home and force Game 7 out of this one? We'll find out tomorrow night.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barry Beefroid on the bayou

He just landed a short while ago, the man who is 10 home runs away from tying Hank Aaron for the all time home run record. All though he still takes the chartered flight with the rest of the team (something Roger Clemens does not do) Barry Bonds knows in his silver spoon heart that it is all about him. The attention is all paid to him. This is exactly the way he wanted it, this was why he started using more than half a decade ago, he craves attention. Just ask Jim Leyland.

He comes into Houston today with a little less fanfare than in past years. He is not about to hit 70 on the season, he is not about to pass Babe Ruth for second all time and Russ Springer isn't waiting with a fastball and a vendetta.

No, Beefroid Barry comes into to Minute Maid Park today as just the left fielder for The Giants, a ball club that has OWNED the Astros over the past four years, especially at the juice box. With the day off yesterday and all right handed opposing pitchers you can rest assure that Barry will not be on the pine for any of these games.

Even though Bonds is a circus unto himself, it just doesn't seem the same without all the media attention that this dude has brought in the past years. Even Pedro Gomez (espn's all Bonds all the time correspondent) is taking the series off.
Bottom line is that the Astros have to show up for these games, when they woke up this morning they found themselves 2nd in the division and there is only one way up and that's to start beating the teams you have to beat. Even though its early in the season, The Giants are one of those teams. Not because of the urgency of the situation but because of the colossal ass whoopin the giants layed on the Astros last year in a three game set at Minute Maid Park.
No San Fran fairies get to come in and disrespect this house like that 2 years in a row, i don't care if they do have the greatest asshole who ever abused steroid's, disrespected his teammates, cursed out the media, and painted himself as a racial scapegoat that ever lived.
I have a feeling Matt Albers is going to get raped.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Holy Cow

What word can be used to describe the Cubs walking in the winning run (fifth, after being ahead 4-0) in the bottom of the ninth to lose the opener to the hated Mets, with bases loaded (how else do you walk in a run you freak?), two outs and a full count? (the second consecutive walk, third allowed by the Cubs in the inning)...


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Lilly Shows Us How It's Done

(AP Photo/George Widman)

Ted Lilly comes in and throws a gem against the Philadelphia Phillies, just what the Chicago Cubs needed to stop the three game skid. Not only does he come out and hold down the Phil's to just one run and three hits, but he hangs in there for 8.0 innings, allowing a much needed rest for the boys in the pen. Then, the reincarnation of a true stopper, Ryan Dempster, comes in and shuts 'em down once again with a shutout, one-hit ninth to shut the door and keep the Cubbies in the second slot in the NL Central.

Matt Murton comes in and throws down a 3-5 day with the pink bat, raising his average to .301 and his OBP to .354 on the young season. He did get hosed at home by the suddenly resurgent Pat Burrell, but the Cubs will take the 4-1 win anytime. How about Cesar Izturis? Where'd he find the stick at? Maybe Sweet Lou was threatening to put it somewhere he'd rather not like it and he figured he'd start slapping the ball around. He went 3-4 with a run scored and a RBI, raising his BA to .269 and OBP to .337, his best numbers since his career year in '04. In May, he's chiming in with a .393/.452/.464 with only one K. What? Hey, whatever he's doing, keep doing it. Gotta like that kind of unexpected production out of the SS, especially on the Northside. I know, I know, he'll come down to earth soon enough, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

So, tonight, it's Jason Marquis (5-1, 1.70 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 24K/13BB) up against Tom Glavine (4-1, 2.98 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 27K/14BB). It's so hot, it's going to be the Monday Night Baseball game tonight on ESPN HD. Sweet. I'm ready. Let's hope the Cubs come out hitting and run over the hated Mets. I'd hate to see 'em get stomped on National TV. Not like it'd be the first time. Or the last. Come on, boys, Let's Get Some Runs!! Southpaw Glavine on the hill means Murton will get another start. Make it count, Red.

Go Cubs!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tough Few Days

The Bulls go down 3-0 to the Pistons. The Cubs lose 2 of 3 to the Pirates and the first 2 to the Phillies, both of which are under .500, as are the Cubs after the beating by those two squads. Even if they save face this afternoon, they'll still be a game underwater and 7 or 8 games back of the Brew Crew. And Cap's on the hill for them, so let's call it 8 at best. Ouch.

I need a hug. The game's about to start, so I'm off to see if the Northside Moms are going to be happy today or not. Speaking of, I'd better call my Mom.


Go Cubs!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Can't You See

Tested: April 6th, 2007.

Result: Positive

Story: Lied to Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio "two minutes" after the test, saying the last time he smoked was "about three years ago". Ummm, yeah right. Puff Puff Give, mother fucker.


Maybe the Argonauts will take him back.

OK, seriously, WTF was Ricky Williams thinking? You are finally getting a chance to play in the NFL again and pay back the $8 MILLION you owe to the Miami Dolphins. We're not talking crack cocaine here. It's weed. Ya know, WEED. When's the last time you heard about someone offering to suck dick for weed? Well, besides Paris and Lindsay. Can't decide if it's Too Funny or Too Sad.

Oh, and did you hear that the day before PacMan Jones said he was going to change his life and get on to bigger and better things, he was in a strip club doin his thang again. Nice.

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Roger Goodell. Nice knowing you guys.


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

At Least They Only Got Beat By 21?

(thanks to www.fazed.net)

The Chicago Bulls are in the midst of a Beatdown of all Beatdowns. Ugly doesn't do it justice. Sad, embarrassing, disgusting, humiliating... perhaps those are more accurate, but just add pinch of wtf?! and we're almost there. The Detroit Pistons are B-B-B-B-Beating on the young Bulls like Tiger on steroids. But, at least they didn't get stomped by 26 this time. And, they actually scored more than 69 points. Still, it feels like some D-League team snuck into the Palace and threw on some red uni's and faked it in front of millions of fans.

This isn't going to last long. At all. Can the Bulls save face with at least one win at the UC? I wouldn't bet on it, but we'll see what Scott Skiles can muster up. Maybe they'll only get beat by 13 this time. How did this team sweep the Pistons in the regular season? Like the regular season means anything (ask Dirk). Maybe Kirk Hinrich can score more than 2 points this time around. He can't go 0-fer again, can he? Ugh. P.J. put up a goose egg yesterday as well (if you call 0-0 from the field putting anything up). Why is this tired old man starting anyway? So he can hack 'em a few times early and then sit the rest out? Whatever.

Getting outrebounded 97-68 in the two games isn't going to lead to many wins either. Maybe it's time to start some other peeps, like Noc or Tyrus. Can't hurt more than the last two games have. But, who the hell is Sefolosha? I know, a Rookie from Switzerland, but again, What?! Not to even talk about Khryapa (Russia) and Andriuskevicius (Lithuania) sitting on the end of the Bulls bench. Who's picking these guys? Pax, you trying to up your frequent flyer miles or something? Seriously, something is rotten in Denmark (Paxson will be there soon to check it out).

Alright, at least I can get through the next two nights until the next lamb goes out to the wolves. Not that Cavs v. Nets really makes the heartrate go up or anything. The late game, just like last night, is going to be the real game once again. Phoenix trying to even up against the Spurs. Can anyone stop the Pistons train from rolling into the NBA Finals? Shit, I'm not sure they're going to lose a game until then. OK, of course they'll drop one somewhere, but pencil in Detroit Basketball into the Round of Two. Use ink if ya want. It's going to happen. As for the Bulls, it's Wait 'til Next Year. Just borrow the signs from the Cubs and give 'em back next week. Ya know, recycle and all that.

I think it's Beer Thirty. Later.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

A letter to roger

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Thanks to Daniel Lackey for this Awesome Pic of rogers inner monologue)

Dear Roger,

Hey buddy, hows it going? I know i have not written in awhile, i have just been so busy, but it looks like you have been busy too huh? Busy pretending to make a decision that you had all ready made from the outset of the season. Busy keeping the hendrick's brothers in check until the drama was just right, like a babyface wrestler running into the ring to rescue a maiden in distress. You like that analogy dont you? Of course you do, its all about you buddy.

Ya see rodge the problem with that analogy is that you are no babyface, you are a heel. The Yankees are no maiden , they are the most disliked franchise in sports today with the highest overall salary in the history of this sport. The Yankees are not even in distress, they may have had a bad April by their standards but nothing that wont work itself out by pounding on the smaller market teams for the reminder of the season.

So they came and got you outta Texas huh? Like you were just roping some cattle one day and suddenly a jet with the Yankees logo touched down and whisked you away to land with running water and high rise apartments. You decide to address the New York crowd in the seventh inning from George Steinbrenner's personal box and begin with "Hey Yall"? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Is it not enough that this city embraced you like some sort of athletic Deity? Is it too much to ask that when you decide to go somewhere else you at least respect the city, organization and State the has fostered you like precious gem every second of your existence? HEY YALL? You did that on purpose, you know how to speak, you know how to address large crowds, you have done it a thousand times. You did this to play to The New Yorkers and they ate it up. "Country bumpkin comes back to pitch for the pinstripes", i am surprised the daily news didn't run that as their cover.

I cannot blame you for this, if any human in this world could get paid 227,000 dollars just to throw one pitch, no one out there would turn that down. I guess im just hurt roger, i thought we had a good thing going down here. Turns out, you were just not satisfied with what we had to offer. Not enough flash? Too many puff pieces in the chronicle? Too many adoring fans that explode at the mere mention of you steroid abuse? The other side is going to be rough rodge, The Red Sox are alot better since you saw them last, so are the Blue Jays. Devil Rays and Orioles.

This is about the money, isn't it? The Astros wouldn't have given you that money, The Rangers wouldn't have given you that money. The Red Sox might have just to keep you from going to New York. You have left us for the same reason Andy did, the money. This hurts so bad, not that the Astros truly needed you like everyone thinks, their starter's are actually doing quite well. Its just for awhile there our little baseball team was big time and you helped build that. I have seen more Astros gear in the last 3 years on people than ever before in my life. I have walked into bars with an Astro shirt and received high fives just for merely representing the team. That kind of excitement you helped build, its something that The Yankee's will never be able to duplicate because their stature as an organization.

Damn Roger, this is a hard letter to write. I love you and i hate you. I'm thankful for all you have done for this team but I'm upset at this recent turn of events. I'm sorry we couldn't satisfy you rodge, i hope that people will not hold a grudge against you for going to New York for a shitload of money when everyone in Houston would have had a fundraiser just to pay you. I hope that you don't hold a grudge when we cut you talentless hack of a kid in single A. I hope you don't hold a grudge when we cancel your ten year service contract with the club. I hope you don't hold a grudge when we stop defending you for the the steroid's that you did. Good luck in New York, Thanks for leaving without finishing the job, I hope that somehow The Astros do finish the job someday and you have nothing to do with it.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cubs Sweep Past .500

(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Not only did the Chicago Cubs actually win a game in extra-innings, for the first time this season, but they swept the Washington Nationals out of Wrigley Field and put themselves a game over .500 and solidly in the two slot in the NL Central (for now). Watching Sweet Lou make the moves he did to first tie the game up to get it to extras, and then see those moves pay off once again in the 10th for the win, brings a smile to my face, and makes me laugh to think of the fool we had steering the ship for the last few years.

Angel Guzman looked good at times, and completely lost at others, but I'm sure he'll take the ND this time around since the Cubbies still came out on top. It was much better than the last three atrocious outings he had with the Iowa club. Funny how that happens from time to time. Len and Bob seemed to think AAA hitters swing at everything and therefore roughed him up worse than the big leaguers did, but I find that to be just a bit of a stretch. OK, a lot of a stretch. Whatever the case may be, I'm glad he hung in there long enough to eat up a few innings. Bob Howry has been scaring me of late, but let's hope he figures out whatever the hell he's doing wrong sooner than later. If not, I'm sure Pinella will keep him out of harm's way for a while. Speaking of, I don't think I'll be missing Ronny Cedeno and his .091 BA anytime soon. Or his .121 OBP. Or his 1 BB vs. 8 K. Someone help RC find a house in Des Moines, will ya?

Nice to see Matt Murton get back in there with his 10th inning double and scoring the winning run when Daryle Ward popped one out to the track. Hell, even Henry Blanco got a base knock in the extra frame. Too bad the Northsiders don't get to play every other series against the Nats.

Now, it's three games hosting the Pirates served up on the tee. I feel good about this series as well. I know, the Cubs are on a five game winning streak, and the Bucs are on a three game skid, so the law of averages would suggest the Cubs could drop two of the three. I've never been a great one at paying attention to the laws. Especially when it'll be Lilly, Marquis and Zambrano taking the hill. Edge: Chi-Town.

And how about Ryan Theriot coming through with the game-tying knock as well? This kid can hit, and can do it in the clutch. Gotta like it. Keep him in the lineup, Lou. Sit Izzy and let the young man play if/when Derosa gets the start at the 4. And, whatever JJ has been eating lately, keep it up, my man. Not that I have to even point it out, but D Lee and his .414/.496/.612 with 21 RBI and 22 R is just what the doctor ordered as well. A couple more knocks into the bleacher seats would be nice, but who am I to be unsatisfied with that kind of performance to this point.

Let's stay above .500 for a while, shall we? Keep that RA # down, and things should keep on the up.

Go Cubs!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Judgement Day

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GOOD MORNING UNRESTRICTED VIEW!! Long time reader, first time poster and gosh im happy to be here!

Well kids, today is the day. The day that every hardcore NBA fan dreams of, no im not talking about free skull cap night at the palace. Of course im referring to a game 7 day, so as the spaniards say "el juego feliz siete día".

Whom you may ask will be squaring off in this winner take all battle for the right to stomp the bay area warriors. Glad you asked. In one corner: The Two Time Champion Rockets, hailing from the the great southern metropolis, known as Houston Texas. The Rockets are an organization built on character and class, also the rockets do not openly support the cult known as mormonism.

In the other corner: The two time NBA finals loser Jazz, hailing from the caucasion cult capitol of the world known as Salt Lake City Utah. The Jazz are a detestable organization, specializing in tactics such as flopping and moving picks for the better part of two decades.

Now despite the Jazz's shortcomings in the class column they have a very good team, tough defense and a high shooting percentage from the floor. With that being said it would seem like a tough road for the good guys (Rockets) to walk down but they have just the pathfinder they need to lead the way. Tracy McGrady did his best Kobe Bryant impression in game 6 (Putting up countless long range shots while being closely guarded) and watched Mehmet Okur drop treys like a diplegic waiter. At the begining of the year Tracy set some goals for himself: 1: to get out of the first round, 2: to up his average assists per game by about 3 1/2, and 3: to intercept Angus Mcloud in the sheep hurling event at the Scotland games.

Now Two of his goals have been met but he has yet to break through the plateau of playoff close out games in this, his now tenth year in the league. Yao Ming is going to get his 20 and 10, he has blossumed into the best center in the league and will continue to improve throughout the years barring no futher injuries(knock on wood). The key is tracy making good decisions with the basketball when it really matters, when you have amased a staggering 3 point lead and on the fast break decide to put up a dowtown bomb, with ak 47 draped on you, leaving 22 seconds on the shot clock, that my friends is a bad decision with the basketball. For a player so good going to the basket, Tracy does not do it enough.

Tonight you can be sure that T-Mac is going to get his shots, whether or not he makes them will absolutly define his carreer. The Rockets have found themselves right where they want to be, homecourt in the seventh and deciding game plus home court in the conference semi finals waiting for them should they choose the much more attractive destiny lane. Tonight will be a battle of attrition through bruising fouls and vicious picks. In this game it will truly be the team that wants it more who walks away with a extended stay in the hotel known as the NBA playoffs. This man can only hope that T-mac's card isnt declined at the front desk.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Let's Win Two

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Hey, Hey! The Chicago Cubs win two in a row. On the same day. Nice. Alfonso Soriano hits a dinger in each game. It's about time, but better late than never. If he only wouldn't have gotten picked off second and caught stealing third in the second game, but the Cubs will take those gaffs in a 7-1 beatdown over a one run ballgame anytime. Especially since they have yet to win a one run affair (0 for 6). Ouch.

But, I'm trying to stay positive here. Third place, 5.5 games back of the Milwaukee Brewers, wh are holders of the best record in the Majors, hell, it's better than the cellar (right Cardinals?!). Derrek Lee is leading the Majors in BA as well with a stellar start of .415, and the 1.092 OPS ain't exactly sub-par either(#6 in MLB). Rich Hill and Jason Marquis are currently #5 (1.77) and #7 (2.09) in the NL in ERA. Sweet. But what's up with Carlos Zambrano? Big Z is behind Ted Lilly (#16 in the NL with a 2.82) sitting way back at #51 (5.77!!). Yikes. Hill is also starting off like a stud with a 0.87 WHIP, #3 in MLB. Lilly is #7 (0.94) and Marquis is #12 (1.03). Basically, when the Wizard of the Internet comes back to form, the Cubs are going to be four deep. #5 is weak though, with Wade Miller and possibly Angel Guzman fighting for who can get smacked around harder. Ugh.

How about Ryan Theriot? .333/.385/.403 is just what the doctor ordered. I mean, .385 OBP? And he's leading the team with 5 stolen bases. Go get 'em, kid. Aramis actually had a good April (what?) with a .284/.360/.511, 5 HR, 17 RBI and 11BB vs. 12 K. Looks like Lou Pinella actually woke this guy up this offseason. Nice to see someone can get the guy out the gates ready to go.

Speaking of Sweet Lou, he's been pushing all the right buttons so far. He's putting who he wants, where he wants, when he wants, and I Love It. Can anyone be further from The Dude, Dusty "Freakin" Baker? No, and good riddance to the "Old School" (or, as I put it, "No School") DB. Have fun in the booth trying to say as many moronic things as Joe Morgan. I'd say it's head to head so far.

Three afternoon games with the Washington Nationals. I smell a per game wager with my bud Manoli. Zambrano, Hill and Guzman, eh? Well, two out of three ain't bad.

.500 here we come (yeah, yeah, try and contain your excitement).

Go Cubs!

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