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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barry Beefroid on the bayou

He just landed a short while ago, the man who is 10 home runs away from tying Hank Aaron for the all time home run record. All though he still takes the chartered flight with the rest of the team (something Roger Clemens does not do) Barry Bonds knows in his silver spoon heart that it is all about him. The attention is all paid to him. This is exactly the way he wanted it, this was why he started using more than half a decade ago, he craves attention. Just ask Jim Leyland.

He comes into Houston today with a little less fanfare than in past years. He is not about to hit 70 on the season, he is not about to pass Babe Ruth for second all time and Russ Springer isn't waiting with a fastball and a vendetta.

No, Beefroid Barry comes into to Minute Maid Park today as just the left fielder for The Giants, a ball club that has OWNED the Astros over the past four years, especially at the juice box. With the day off yesterday and all right handed opposing pitchers you can rest assure that Barry will not be on the pine for any of these games.

Even though Bonds is a circus unto himself, it just doesn't seem the same without all the media attention that this dude has brought in the past years. Even Pedro Gomez (espn's all Bonds all the time correspondent) is taking the series off.
Bottom line is that the Astros have to show up for these games, when they woke up this morning they found themselves 2nd in the division and there is only one way up and that's to start beating the teams you have to beat. Even though its early in the season, The Giants are one of those teams. Not because of the urgency of the situation but because of the colossal ass whoopin the giants layed on the Astros last year in a three game set at Minute Maid Park.
No San Fran fairies get to come in and disrespect this house like that 2 years in a row, i don't care if they do have the greatest asshole who ever abused steroid's, disrespected his teammates, cursed out the media, and painted himself as a racial scapegoat that ever lived.
I have a feeling Matt Albers is going to get raped.

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