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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Judgement Day

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GOOD MORNING UNRESTRICTED VIEW!! Long time reader, first time poster and gosh im happy to be here!

Well kids, today is the day. The day that every hardcore NBA fan dreams of, no im not talking about free skull cap night at the palace. Of course im referring to a game 7 day, so as the spaniards say "el juego feliz siete día".

Whom you may ask will be squaring off in this winner take all battle for the right to stomp the bay area warriors. Glad you asked. In one corner: The Two Time Champion Rockets, hailing from the the great southern metropolis, known as Houston Texas. The Rockets are an organization built on character and class, also the rockets do not openly support the cult known as mormonism.

In the other corner: The two time NBA finals loser Jazz, hailing from the caucasion cult capitol of the world known as Salt Lake City Utah. The Jazz are a detestable organization, specializing in tactics such as flopping and moving picks for the better part of two decades.

Now despite the Jazz's shortcomings in the class column they have a very good team, tough defense and a high shooting percentage from the floor. With that being said it would seem like a tough road for the good guys (Rockets) to walk down but they have just the pathfinder they need to lead the way. Tracy McGrady did his best Kobe Bryant impression in game 6 (Putting up countless long range shots while being closely guarded) and watched Mehmet Okur drop treys like a diplegic waiter. At the begining of the year Tracy set some goals for himself: 1: to get out of the first round, 2: to up his average assists per game by about 3 1/2, and 3: to intercept Angus Mcloud in the sheep hurling event at the Scotland games.

Now Two of his goals have been met but he has yet to break through the plateau of playoff close out games in this, his now tenth year in the league. Yao Ming is going to get his 20 and 10, he has blossumed into the best center in the league and will continue to improve throughout the years barring no futher injuries(knock on wood). The key is tracy making good decisions with the basketball when it really matters, when you have amased a staggering 3 point lead and on the fast break decide to put up a dowtown bomb, with ak 47 draped on you, leaving 22 seconds on the shot clock, that my friends is a bad decision with the basketball. For a player so good going to the basket, Tracy does not do it enough.

Tonight you can be sure that T-Mac is going to get his shots, whether or not he makes them will absolutly define his carreer. The Rockets have found themselves right where they want to be, homecourt in the seventh and deciding game plus home court in the conference semi finals waiting for them should they choose the much more attractive destiny lane. Tonight will be a battle of attrition through bruising fouls and vicious picks. In this game it will truly be the team that wants it more who walks away with a extended stay in the hotel known as the NBA playoffs. This man can only hope that T-mac's card isnt declined at the front desk.

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