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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blowhard Texas Fans

To help erase the thoughts of Frank Thomas from Matt's mind, I'm going to instead comment on the Texas fans behavior this weekend. Yes, the loudmouth, proud, if uninformed, UT fans were out in force this past weekend to celebrate the big game. Oh yeah, the tough matchup of the University of Texas vs. Sam Houston State University. From Div. 1-AA. Who schedules this crap?

I know, it's the Texas AD who realizes the school makes a sh!tload more money hosting a game that won't even count in BCS standings and rakes in the PPV cash than simply having a week off. However, if even one person would have been hurt in the game, it wouldn't have been worth it at all.

That being said, this post is about the behavior of the UT fans, not the Athletic Department. What irked me while watching a couple of hundred fans watch the game on PPV where I work was, after Texas went up 35-0 at half, stomping on the Bearcats from Sam Houston, the fans kept cheering and rooting as loud as ever. Yeah, they were laughing and singing and loudly celebrating every play as if it were for the National Championship. Does anyone else out there see this behavior akin to cheering Mike Tyson beating up on a 10 year old boy?

Yeah, Mike!! Beat that little punk down!! Take that you little snot-nosed brat!! Yeah!! And Stay Down!! Woohoo!!!!!

Kind of makes ya sick doesn't it? Me too.

Just had to be said. They acted the same way in the North Texas game. Unreal.

Then, to make matters worse, they don't know who to root for when it comes to BCS matchups. They root for Ohio State to lose, when they actually want everyone else but OSU to lose. Idiots. Kinda like when they were rooting against Oklahoma in the Oregon game (well, "televised robbery" might be more appropriate). Hey Longhorns, ya want Oklahoma to win every game until they play you, then you beat them down and your SOS goes up. Get it? Probably not. Go ahead and root against Nebraska and Texas Tech too you morons.


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