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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Forty Point Offense?

Roy Williams ate so much crow over the weekend, there are still black feathers stickin' out the corner of his mouth. Good thing he celebrated that first down he got, down two scores. Fool. When asked about it, he stated he celebrates every play, and he didn't know what the score was at the time. Nice. Way to not pay attention. I'm sure the coach will LOVE that one.

And he said the Lions have a 40 point offense? With 13 points on the season after two games, they might get to 40 points by the seventh game of the season, TOTAL. Too funny. At least Brett Favre and the Pack won't have to sit in last place for long.

The Chicago Bears are off to Minnesota for Game 3. Can the Vikings keep up their improbable run? Or will the Bears take them out as well? I'm thinking it's the latter. The Vikes just don't look like their in the same league with the Monsters of the Midway. We'll see how Brad Johnson looks against the Bears D. I'm thinking it's 3-0 time for Chi-Town with a tough game on NBC on Oct. 1st against the Seahawks.

But, first things first. I hope to see Rex Grossman, Thomas Jones and Bernard Berrian stay hot and roll over the Vikes D, while the men on the Chicago Defense just keep up the good work they've been dishing out for a couple of years now. OK, TJ hasn't exactly been "hot", but I'm hoping he gets that way soon enough. And there's still Moose roaming out there for Grossman to find as well.

Let's Go Bears.

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