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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Willis Trade in the Cards?

Yesterday rumors began spreading that the Cardinals were in serious discussions with the Marlins on a deal that would bring Dontrelle Willis to St Louis. The Cards would then send top rookie pitcher Anthony Reyes, top outfield prospect Colby Rasmus, and prospects Chris Duncan and Stu Pomeranz to Florida.

Viva El Birdos one of the more respected baseball blogs with solid inside connections was all over the story. Interestingly enough, a reader of the site sent an email to Dontrelle Willis' agent asking about the rumor. Willis' agent was kind enough to reply. You can see his reply here.

This time of year we hear a lot of trade rumors - most of them unfounded or simply ridiculous. But this Dontrelle rumor seems to have some validity. I still don't think Dontrelle will be traded anywhere, but we've seen Walt Jockety pull of some big deadline deals in the past. (McGwire, Rolen, Walker)

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