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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Midseason Awards

We are now past the halfway mark in the season and with the All Star break coming I and seemingly everyone else) figured it would be a good time to hand out midseason awards. I'm only doing MVP, CY Young, and ROY because I think Manager of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year are stupid awards.


AL - Jim Thome
NL - Albert Pujols

It's tough to give the the MVP to a DH unless his hitting is greatly superior to that of any position player. This is the year it happens with the top 4 candidates arguably being Thome, Ortiz, Hafner, and Giambi. Manny Ramirez, Jermaine Dye, and Joe Mauer also deserve consideration.

Even with the games missed, Pujols is the clear winner in the NL with an OPS more than 100 points higher than his closest competitor Lance Berkman. Alot of people will want to put David Wright here, but even Carlos Beltran is a more worthy candidate.

Cy Young

AL - Francisco Liriano
NL - Brandon Webb

Liriano doesn't have the innings that some of the others have, but when your ERA is almost a full run less than second place Johan Santana, I don't know how I can justify not giving Liriano the award. He's only the second rookie to have 10 wins at the All Star breaking and the league is OPSing a mere .544 off him. Ridiculous. By the end of the season this award might be Santana's or Lackey's but right now it's going to the kid.

Josh Johnson leads the NL in ERA, but Webb isn't far behind and he's pitched 55 more innings. Webb gets an added bonus for pitching in one of the most hitter friendly parks while Johnson is in one of the most pitcher friendly. Johnson's ERA is fluky anyhow. Jason Schmidt was a strong contender here too, along with Arroyo, Carpenter, and a few others.

Rookie of the Year

AL - Francisco Liriano
NL - Dan Uggla

I wanted to throw Pappelbon a bone here since I've already given Liriano the Cy. Pappelbon has been simply great, but say what you want about closers, I'll take the guy who's been just as great and thrown twoce as many innings. Maybe a co-winner is in order here.

By the end of the year i expect this award to belong to Zimmerman or Fielder because I don't think Uggla can sustain this level of play, but at this point it's his to lose.

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