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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sell The Marlins

Not just the team members, like has happened twice in the last few years, but get the franchise out of Florida and move it to another city. I'm thinking West. As in, the AL West.

OK, hear me out. Sell the team and move it to San Antonio. SA is the biggest city in America that currently does not have a baseball team. Bingo. There's your market.

Then, move them to the AL West. You have an immediate rivalry with the Texas Rangers and you fill out that division, giving it five teams.

OK, with that done, you move the Pittsburgh Pirates to the NL East, where they used to be anyway before there were three NL divisions. You have the rivalry with Philly right there. Nice. Maybe you even get Mark Cuban to buy the Bucs before the move, to give it even more splash.

With all that done, every division in baseball would have five teams, you'd have a new rivalry with the Rangers and San Antonio, and you'd renew the Phillies/Pirates lovefest. Sounds good doesn't it?

Someone get Bud Selig on the phone. Oh yeah, he's not taking any calls right now. He's in hiding to wait out the Grimsley Tropical Storm.

Now, on the name of the new team. San Antonio Marlins just wouldn't work. How about the San Antonio Missions? Oh yeah, that's already been used in the Minors. San Antonio Guerreros? San Antonio Tiradores? San Antonio Sluggers?

Ah, who knows. Just make the move already.

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