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Thursday, June 01, 2006

All-Star Snub Already

I just voted today on the MLB site. I know that I'm a little late but I still need to vent. It looks like there needs to be a least one write-in vote for the All-Star ballots this year. One that I have the most gripe about not even being on the ballot is Jim Thome. I did a write in vote for Thome and the only place I could put him was OF.
I don’t care that the game is in a National League Park. The AL should still make a roster spot for the DH, since it is a position in the AL at least I sure thought it was one since 1973. So the AL fans should be able to vote for our player of choice for that position. This is definitely a drop ball or one off the coconut like Error-miss Ramirez, by the front office of MLB. I don’t want to argue about if there should be a DH or not, the fact is that there is a position and that position should be on the ballot so us fans can vote for the players we see. Isn't it a Fans Game?
It is a good thing Ozzie is the Manager so he will be able to take him as a manager’s pick.

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