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Thursday, July 20, 2006

MLB Notes and Rumors

I haven't posted in a few days, namely because I've been reading The 48 Laws of Power , but I wanted to touch on a few hot items arouond the league.

Speaking of hot, the Twins have now won 29 of their last 36 games, moving up 7 games in the Wild Card hunt to sit only 4 games behind the White Sox. While the odds are still stacked against them, (Baseball Prospectus has them at a 10% chance to make the playoffs) they are going to make this an exciting 2nd half for Twins fans. As excited as Twins fans are, other AL teams are equally depressed. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has any desire whatsoever to face both Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano in a best of five series.

This afternoon the Braves completed a deal that sent minor leaguer Max Ramirez to Cleveland in exchange for Bob Wickman. Talking Chop has some good analysis on the deal. Even though Wickman is no Mariano Rivera, he's still far better than anything the Braves had. This looks like a typical John Schuerholz move to me.

Word is that the Tigers could have Bobby Abreu while only giving up Marcus Thames, Zach Miner, and some cash. If that's true, I'm not sure why Abreu isn't on his way to Detroit as we speak. He's the left-handed outfielder with the great OBP they've been looking for - all at a reasonable price.

Shea Hillenbrand was designated for assingment after after you know what hit the fan with he and manager John Gibbons. This means he will almost certainly be traded by the end of the weekend. The problem is that the Jays have no leverage now. I'm not quite sure why they couldn't have traded him earlier or tried to keep this under wraps until they could. There must be something we still don't know - and will likely never know.

It's hard to believe that four playoff contenders (NYY, STL, LAD, MIL) would have people from their organization scouting Kyle Lohse and his 7.18 ERA.

Sabernomics takes a look at which teams you can expect to improve or decline over the second half of the season.

Francisco Lirano continued his bid for the Cy Young by outdueling fellow 22 year old lefty Scott Kazmir on Tuesday. Seth Speaks has a remarkably detail analysis of the two pitchers. It's worth a look even if you no interest in all in either the Twins or the Rays.

And last but not least, for those of you old enough to remember Tecmo Bowl, here's proof that being Bo Jackson and the Raiders was no less cheating than sitting over your buddy's shoulder and looking at what play he picked.

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