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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

At Least They Only Got Beat By 21?

(thanks to www.fazed.net)

The Chicago Bulls are in the midst of a Beatdown of all Beatdowns. Ugly doesn't do it justice. Sad, embarrassing, disgusting, humiliating... perhaps those are more accurate, but just add pinch of wtf?! and we're almost there. The Detroit Pistons are B-B-B-B-Beating on the young Bulls like Tiger on steroids. But, at least they didn't get stomped by 26 this time. And, they actually scored more than 69 points. Still, it feels like some D-League team snuck into the Palace and threw on some red uni's and faked it in front of millions of fans.

This isn't going to last long. At all. Can the Bulls save face with at least one win at the UC? I wouldn't bet on it, but we'll see what Scott Skiles can muster up. Maybe they'll only get beat by 13 this time. How did this team sweep the Pistons in the regular season? Like the regular season means anything (ask Dirk). Maybe Kirk Hinrich can score more than 2 points this time around. He can't go 0-fer again, can he? Ugh. P.J. put up a goose egg yesterday as well (if you call 0-0 from the field putting anything up). Why is this tired old man starting anyway? So he can hack 'em a few times early and then sit the rest out? Whatever.

Getting outrebounded 97-68 in the two games isn't going to lead to many wins either. Maybe it's time to start some other peeps, like Noc or Tyrus. Can't hurt more than the last two games have. But, who the hell is Sefolosha? I know, a Rookie from Switzerland, but again, What?! Not to even talk about Khryapa (Russia) and Andriuskevicius (Lithuania) sitting on the end of the Bulls bench. Who's picking these guys? Pax, you trying to up your frequent flyer miles or something? Seriously, something is rotten in Denmark (Paxson will be there soon to check it out).

Alright, at least I can get through the next two nights until the next lamb goes out to the wolves. Not that Cavs v. Nets really makes the heartrate go up or anything. The late game, just like last night, is going to be the real game once again. Phoenix trying to even up against the Spurs. Can anyone stop the Pistons train from rolling into the NBA Finals? Shit, I'm not sure they're going to lose a game until then. OK, of course they'll drop one somewhere, but pencil in Detroit Basketball into the Round of Two. Use ink if ya want. It's going to happen. As for the Bulls, it's Wait 'til Next Year. Just borrow the signs from the Cubs and give 'em back next week. Ya know, recycle and all that.

I think it's Beer Thirty. Later.

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