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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Matt Resell's First Post

This is Matt's first post, blogspot.com is currently blocking him for some reason . My guess would his little known aggravated assault case against Chris Hovan.

A few weeks ago Graham and I decided to revive this here blog, as it had just lay in the wasteland of cyberspace, only receiving hits because you voyeurs are constantly searching the web for pictures of Joe Mauer’s girlfriend.

Oh my, what’s this!

Anyways, Graham and I met at a super secret think tank somewhere south of The Andes to discuss where to go from there.

Matt: Ya wanna start the blog up again?

Graham: I guess so.

Matt: Sweet!

Graham: Totally!

Matt: My buddy Pat wants in.

Graham: Right on! You hungry!

Matt: How about tacos?

Graham: Nah, burritos!

Matt: Score! (awkward hi-five)

After that we went through an excruciating deliberation process of trying to figure out how to best bring Unrestricted View back to the halcyon days of the Vote For Neifi and Juan Campaign that eventually landed us on an Orlando radio station.

Graham decided to bring his posts from Behind The Ivy over here, so he could have more writing freedom to post about a team nobody cares about. I mean, Go Cubbies!

Pat, err…Rick Styles (gay) promptly began posting about all things lame Houston, complete with improper grammar and a courageous disregard for the SHIFT key.

Me? Well, I’ve done nothing. I’d like to say that I’ve been totally busy with really cool stuff like banging Scarlett Johansson, and banging Penelope Cruz, and banging Jessica Alba, and……well, you get the idea. Truth be told, I’m actually just lazy and am easily distracted by seemingly trivial things.

Oh, look, a puppy!

Wait. Where was I?

That’s right – why I haven’t been posting. I suppose it doesn’t really matter why I haven’t been posting. And although this is technically my first post, you’re not getting any sports information in this one. The thing is, I don’t really know what I want to post about. I’ve got a few different ideas, so I’ll let you vote on them in the comment section.*

A) The Twins and Braves

B) The NL Central teams not covered by Rick Styles and Graham

C) Funny sports related material (think Deadspin)

D) In-depth statistical analysis of teams and/or players

E) I’m just here to fuck Matt

*voting results will have very little—if anything at all—to do with what I actually decide to post about. But don’t let that stop you from expressing your opinion.


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