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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Few More Thoughts

Three shots in the fourth quarter? No free throws the entire game? Lebron, what gives? Tell me you stayed up late. Tell me you got poked in the eye. Tell me you forgot to wear your lucky jock. But please don't tell me you were afraid to drive the lane because you can't hit free throws. Don't tell me you only took three shots in the fourth quarter because you thought Izzy was hotter than you at the time. If I was a Cavs fan, I'd be thinking about the one that got away. I'd be thinking that the Pistons aren't going to play that poorly again. I'd be thinking about what to do while the Pistons and someone else are in the Finals.

I think the NBA lottery should be weighted heavier in the worst team in the NBA's favor. The Grizz only have a 25% chance at the top pick. A 45% chance to have on or two. That means (for those who aren't mathematically inclined) that they have a 55% chance of not getting the top two picks. Ouch.

The Cubs face Jake Peavy tonight and his 5-1, 1.64 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, .241 Opp. SLG., 18BB/71K. Wow. He's good for at least 100 pitches a game. Hear that Guzman?! Rich Hill tries to match up with the Peavy at the Friendly Confines. Good Luck with that. Will D-Lee be back? Will it matter?

Speaking of the NBA Draft, do you think Kevin Durant would be passing up any shots?

Can Mike Mussina man up tonight and show the Yankee faithful he's actually worth the jack? It's definitely time to show up when the BoSox are in town.

The Brew Crew beat the Dodgers and held off a late rally with their bullpen. I think Styles and I might be in for a long haul here. If either one of our fave teams can get their heads above water. The Cubs and the 'Stros are both on a West Coast trip, so we'll know soon enough. Neither of these teams wants to be two games below .500 nor 6.5 back of the Brewers (although the Twins wish they were playing that well). At least Houston has the Roy Oswalt to fight behind tonight. although there's been lot's of talk about Tim Lincecum. If only Phil Garner had a clue who to play at third base (i.e. there ain't no "D" in Mike Lamb).

The Cowboys new stadium will host the 2011 Super Bowl. Maybe the Cowboys will be back in the playoffs by then.

Michelle Wie said a few weeks ago she's going to forgoe Men's events and focus on winning a Women's event sometime (or even getting close to the leaderboard in one). Oops, I guess she meant after she accepts a sponsor's exemption for the John Deere Classic in July. At least it's a few weeks after she plays in her first LPGA event of the year (next week's Ginn Tribute). Nice. Maybe she'll break 70 one of these days, something she hasn't done in her last 16 rounds. Maybe she won't choke this time like she did two years ago when she was a shot above the cut, only to double bogey 15 and bogey 16 to miss the cut by two strokes. OK, that's pretty harsh on someone who is going to graduate from high school this weekend, but I'm not sure when, if ever, all this attention was placed on a golfer just trying to make the frickin' cut.

And finally, Ernie Banks will be honored with a statue at Wrigley Field. It'll go up by Opening Day 2008. Kinda figures he has to Wait 'Til Next Year to see it, eh? Strange that Harry Caray got one first, but Harry's did come with a can-holder.

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