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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why is Texas Number 2?

Besides the obvious jokes the headline suggests, why the hell is Texas number two in the country? I mean, beating Division 2 Louisiana-Beauty School and looking shabby against Wyoming and then barely beating unranked Texas Tech at home by ten? Revenge? Fuck that. There's no revenge in beating an unranked team at home after allowing them to knock you out of the Title Picture last year. This Tech team has no resemblance to that team. TTU is NOT RANKED! They have no business keeping this a game into the fourth quarter, much less somehow justifying UT's farcical placement into the top of the college game. No one is pretending they even come close to last year's great team. STFU ESPN/ABC. Stop shoving this crap down our throats. You got lucky it was even a game. Texas allowed over 400 passing yards from a team that lost three starting Offensive Lineman, their starting quarterback, and one of the best receivers in the college game. Just who thinks we should buy this bullshit? Well, besides Disney/ABC/ESPN...

Kindly remove your preconceptions of what you thought would happen and base your thoughts on what you've actually seen this year. Texas hasn't beaten anyone worth anything. And somehow they are number two... WHY?! Alabama has beaten a tough Va Tech team that just beat Nebraska in a great game of ranked teams. Michigan has actually beaten a ranked Notre Dame. Miami has beaten TWO ranked teams. What gives?

Abolish the Preseason poll. Now. It is damaging the credibility of College Football. What's left of it (when's the last time a Heisman Trophy winner translated success into the NFL?). I mean, the fact they don't settle the actual championship with, ya know, an Actual Game, is crock enough. But, this who can we get more ratings with BS of a preseason poll is just an absolute mockery. It's all based on viewership and the number of alumni they have watching television. If you don't believe it, count how many undefeated teams will still be ranked below USC, who just lost to an unranked team for the fourth straight year, once the new polls come out. Why does Notre Dame get all it's games on national television?

And, to make things worse, the Longhorns don't play anyone this season except Oklahoma. Just like usual. Well, except last year when TTU caught lightning in a bottle. Sure, OK St, who just lost to HOUSTON... Kansas? Really? Mizzou? Not a great team this year. The Big 12 is worse than the SEC again, and probably the Pac 10 this year. There could be an argument for the Big 10 as well, but, with the weather the Big 12 teams enjoy, the better athletes, as a whole, will always come down here. So, I'd think from top to bottom, the Big 12 is better, since the bottom-feeders here could kick the pants off the bottom-feeders up there.

Back to the point, the goal of this farce is to keep the big boys up top, so their 100,000+ stadiums remain full, the conferences continue to cash in and the networks continue to enjoy ratings, no matter what the actual strengths of these teams are. It's all about money. Well, what isn't. But, if we are going to actually call this a competition, let's let the actions on the field mean something. Even though the teams are stupidly not allowed to settle things on the field at the end of the season anyway.

It's just a ridiculous Beauty Contest anyway. Should I even get into the fact that the month in between the last games and the second to the last games for these teams at their season's end changes everything as well? That and, besides the No. 1 vs. No. 2 game, all the other matchups are set up as a guaranteed win so the Big Dollar teams get to enjoy a "win" at the end of their seasons, so the "kids" and big money grads can continue to hand over their millions to the networks and the NCAA.

Nah, I'm tired. And forget College Football anyway. It's a joke. I've wasted too much time on it already.


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