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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tax Cheese, Not Soda

If you really want to help the health of the nation, don't tax soda. Who cares. And, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have way too much money anyway. You won't win that and it doesn't make as much sense as another move that could actually help folks. Tax Cheese.

I know, I know, we all like cheese. Well, except the lactose intolerant. But, hear me out. Even the right-wingers might get on board with this one. Ya know, those dang French sure make a lot of cheese...

Seriously, though. Soda is just sugar and water and a bit of coloring. Sure, not great, but worse for your teeth than for your girth. OK, maybe not so good for either. :P Cheese, however, is pretty much just fat and calories. Sure, there's some milk proteins, but, come on, what the hell is cheese anyway? Spoiled milk? I could live without it. Well, "could" being the operative word. I do like myself some good cheese. But, I'd understand taxing it to pay for healthcare. Or maybe potato chips and/or french fries. These things really add to the unhealthiness of America. OK, soda too, but it's not as big a problem as these fried foods.

Will any food be taxed? No, of course not. It makes too much sense. Fat people pay taxes too. And buy two seats on a plane. Not like those "damn" smokers and drinkers... Maybe we should tax by the pound divided by height. lol. But really, we should do something. Why should folks who choose to be unhealthy weigh down the whole system? And there are too damn many of these bigguns. I mean, look around. See what I mean? Ya think these folks won't flip out when food is literally being taken from their mouths?

If folks would just take care of themselves and not get so fucking fat, maybe we wouldn't have so much cost in healthcare anyway. Take a page from Bill Maher and get a clue. I want to be clear here, if folks want to get fat, go ahead. Have fun. But don't expect me to be happy paying for it.

That, and let's get rid of all the paperwork bullshit. Seriously.

And forcing folks to get insurance is just wrong. If I don't want Insurance, why do I have to get it? If I get sick, I pay out of pocket or I die. Cool with me. Shouldn't I be able to choose to not go to the hospital? I haven't gone for 10 years now. And when I did that time, I used a little known thing called cash to pay for it. Why make me pay every month for something I don't use? How much would that be in wasted monthly payments? Where's that money going? Who's using it? Why make decisions for me? Am I FREE or not? Well, then again, if I'm paying taxes to cover healthcare, why am I paying taxes and monthly healthcare premiums? WTF?

And I'm what folks call a Liberal...


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