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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Or, Rumblings (Ramblings) From The Basement.

As spiteful as this is, I laugh at the White Sox and Giants being eliminated on the same day. The best sign I saw tonight was the "Who's Choking Now, Ozzie?!" sign in Minnesota, as the Twins eliminated the Chi-Sox from the playoffs and got in on their own merits.

Congrats, Matt.

So, now, it's the let's hope we win the division so we don't have to play the Yankees race in the NL Central.

Why am I a hater with the Giants? Why do you think. Inject your favorite reason here.

Oh, and to make things sweeter for this Cub fan, the Cards lost their sixth in a row. Go Pads. Go Todd Walker. Almost makes the three-run shot Griff Jr. hit today fade from the memory.

OK, maybe not.

But anyway, as a fan affixed within the basement of the NL, I only have so much to hope for. And tonight provided it for me.

Thanks. And Good Night.

Oh, and I'm rooting for Maddux tomorrow night. C'mon Greg. Take the spotlight and run with it, my man.

And finally, even know you're out of it, nice shot to center after they tried to hit you in the head Vlad. You rule. Even if this season, you're just ruler of your own domain. From your home.

Joe Girardi, come on down.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Let It Go

I was born in Houston. I lived there for 19 years before moving 90 miles north to College Station. I spent 3 years in Aggieland before transferring colleges. Now, I do my blogging from San Marcos, Tx. Why am I telling you this, you might ask? For one simple reason: All 3 places are overrun with annoying, fairweather Astros fans.

Everyone I hang around with knows I'm a huge baseball fan. They know I watch the Astros game every night on FSN on one TV, whatever game ESPN ot TBS is showing on the other TV, and the Twins live streaming on my laptop.

I seem to always be answering questions like:

Who won the Yankee game tonight?
How did Papi do?
How many games back are the Astros now?
Did Berkman go deep?
How many runs did Oswalt give up?

I had no problem answering these questions April through August, but I will field them no more. Memo to all Astros fans: The answer to the last three questions, among others, is exactly the same.


It hasn't mattered in weeks to be truthful. There will be no late season comeback. There will be no NL flag to defend. There won't even be a first round playoff loss to the Mets. Despite what you think, the last two years were somewhat of an anomoly, not the long-standing second half surge tradition you Astros fans seem to think the team is known for.

That would be the Oakland A's. They've done it like 6 fucking years in a row. You've done it twice. And let's not forget that your late season comebacks typically start around mid-May. Not so late season if you think about now is it?

So when you look at the standings tonight and realize you're 6 games out with only 11 left to play, and have 6 teams in front of you - GIVE THE FUCK UP! Ask a Cubs fan if you can borrow his "Wait Til Next Year" sign. Start following the Texans. Go golfing. See how long you can stand on your erect penis. I don't care what you do. But for the love of God please stop asking me about the Astros game.

That is all.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Forty Point Offense?

Roy Williams ate so much crow over the weekend, there are still black feathers stickin' out the corner of his mouth. Good thing he celebrated that first down he got, down two scores. Fool. When asked about it, he stated he celebrates every play, and he didn't know what the score was at the time. Nice. Way to not pay attention. I'm sure the coach will LOVE that one.

And he said the Lions have a 40 point offense? With 13 points on the season after two games, they might get to 40 points by the seventh game of the season, TOTAL. Too funny. At least Brett Favre and the Pack won't have to sit in last place for long.

The Chicago Bears are off to Minnesota for Game 3. Can the Vikings keep up their improbable run? Or will the Bears take them out as well? I'm thinking it's the latter. The Vikes just don't look like their in the same league with the Monsters of the Midway. We'll see how Brad Johnson looks against the Bears D. I'm thinking it's 3-0 time for Chi-Town with a tough game on NBC on Oct. 1st against the Seahawks.

But, first things first. I hope to see Rex Grossman, Thomas Jones and Bernard Berrian stay hot and roll over the Vikes D, while the men on the Chicago Defense just keep up the good work they've been dishing out for a couple of years now. OK, TJ hasn't exactly been "hot", but I'm hoping he gets that way soon enough. And there's still Moose roaming out there for Grossman to find as well.

Let's Go Bears.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Skip Bayless Was Right

Sorry Skip, you were right. You got 'em ALL right. I'm wrong. You rule.


Wow, I can't believe you got 'em all right.

Sunshine on a dog's posterior comes to mind.

Nice game calls. You deserve it.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Skip Bayless Is A Moron

Not that you need me to tell you this, but Skip Bayless is a moron. An idiot. A Fool. An old man put on the tube to argue with another old man to get you to think anything he has to say means something.

Here's some proof. He picked against the following teams this Saturday:

Notre Dame
Texas Tech

So, he picked these teams to win:


I can throw darts too, but I think Skip should send his paycheck back Return To Sender.

But, what do I know.

If he's right, I'll post a bit about how frickin' smart he is.


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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bears For Real?

With the annihilation of Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers in the rearview mirror, the Chicago Bears are looking to show the NFL they're for real. With a Lambeau Field win under their belts, the Monsters come back to Soldier Field to take on the second of three consecutive division rivals. This time, it's the Detroit Lions.

And, thanks to the fool Roy Williams, the Bears have plenty of motivation to kick some ass when they arrive back in Chi-Town. Roy went out and guaranteed a victory for the Lions. Guaranteed. Too funny.

This is a team that looked weak in a 9-6 loss to the Seahawks. At home. A game in which they only got 38 yards rushing. In which Jon Kitna was sacked three times and was booed at home for some poor throws. Yeah, this looks like a squad ready to take out (perhaps) the best defense in the National Football League. Uh-huh.

Well Roy, better strap your helmet on extra tight, cause the hits are coming. Thanks for the pep talk. The Bears fans really appreciate it. Have fun running your mouth all season. Although it'll be tough to hear you from the basement of the NFC North.

Go Bears.

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