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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Objects are Closer Then They Appear

Any one that has been down on their luck only has to look as far as Josh Hamilton. We all have made wrong decisions in our lives but it is how we all learn and want to better ourselves. Josh could have been one of those guys that decided my life is crap and given up. But he has overcome it all, at least in this chapter in his life. I had no idea who this kid was. I didn’t know he was the first player taken and a five tool player. My first memory of Josh was on the show Flip this House, “The Real Deal” with Richard Davis and Trademark Realty on TLC. The story was, that Josh was a kid that had some problems, and he played some ball. Richard hired him to work on some of his home make overs to sell homes quickly. Richard is one that seems very straight forward and is one that will give people a break. But, they will have to work for it. If you don’t then you would be out. Josh showed that he was one that would put the time in and work hard. If my memory serves me correctly Richard helped to get Josh a chance in A-Ball then it seemed like Josh took off from there. Almost like a Disney movie script for this kid was made. The next thing, Josh is playing for the Reds. Then this year for the Rangers, making a run at the triple crown, hitting 28 in the first round of the HR Derby. However he ran out of gas and couldn’t get enough out. They need to have the derby be a total. As they stated no one will remember Justin, only Josh’s performance will be remembered for HR Derby of 2008.

I sure get to hear a lot about him being in Big D but the story is one for the books and he isn’t a flash in the pan. Watch out Angels, things in the mirror are closer then they appear.

Get in, get out, go home

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