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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Harden at Home

"I don't think I could be going to any better situation than with the Chicago Cubs." - Rich Harden.

That's the kind of thing you like to hear when players come in. Not like he's going to say "Shit, where am I going?" or "Do they know I'm allergic to ivy?". But, point being, I like to hear people come here with the intention of staying and having the reverence expected for a first place ballclub who asks for your services.

Dan Haren, Harden's teammate in Oakland for a few seasons, says Rich is going to like coming here and essentially just wants to be in a place where he is wanted. He wants a home. So, I say, let's go out and find this man a home!

Why would you want to play anywhere else but Wrigley Field? (someone tell Rich the wind blows in half the time. you did already? cool.)

Harden's ESPN interview reiterated his desire to belong. He states he's excited to get out there and get it started. OK, Rich, you've said the right things, you've acted the right way. Now, can you go out there and perform on the Big Stage?

Tune in this weekend to find out. Get the edge of your seat ready now.

Carlos Zambrano will take the hill tonight with every intention to show the world who the Alpha Male is on the Northside. Will he shine or meltdown? I vote Shine. How about eight innings of one run ball? (Cheers!)

And will we see Gaudin in there soon? Nice bullpen pitcher for the Cubs and great backup plan in case another starter becomes necessary. I'm ready for some baseball.

Go Cubs!!

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