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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Derrek Lee in ASG?

With the eye injury to Lance Berkman, will Derrek Lee get a his deserved nod on the National League All Star roster? Or, will Berkman still start? I know the Chicago Cubs already have seven players on the team, but who would jump Derrek Lee? Mark Teixeira? Prince Fielder? I just don't see it. Well, I see it, but I don't agree with it.

As I posted with my choices for starters for the All-Star Game, I see Lee as ahead of Tex and Prince, but will MLB pick one of those guys to validate their team's season? With the C.C. hype centering around Milwaukee, and Selig's ties there, have any effect on the choice to be made to replace Lancelot? Truth be told, it'll be hard for Pinella to pass up on his prize 1B if the chance is to be made, and if he has any say in the matter with the Colorado staff. And, it counts, right? Best to get the guys you know in there to try and win it for the underdog NL.

We'll see what happens. If Sweet Lou does make the call for Lee, will people freak out that the NL Coaches picked another Cub? I say, Who Cares. Do what's right. It's not his fault the stupid fans voted in Soriano over Pat Burrell (who didn't make the squad, yet) and Matt Holliday anyway.

Go Cubs!!

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