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Friday, July 04, 2008

Cub Fan Blahs

With the Cubs losing seven of their last ten, and coming off another tough toss where Carlos Marmol gives up a big dinger to essentially turn out the lights, the view from the Cub Fan has been rather depressing of late. If that isn't enough of a kick in the pants for us Cub Fans, Kosuke Fukudome has been in a funk, posting a pedestrian .238/.319/.333 over that stretch with a staggering 12 K's.

That many strikeouts for a guy like Kosuke has "readjustment time" written all over it. Maybe the low and outside target is having an effect, considering his bailing out/running towards first approach. Or, it could be that Kosuke just doesn't have the hittin' mojo when he's on the road (the last seven games have been bag-packers). He's knockin' for an impressive .373/.476/.563 within Wrigley Field, but on the road he's barely registering a .213/.319/.284. Does this man need his personal chef to travel with him or something? I mean, who's not making the trip? He isn't feeling "at home" on the road, as stupid as that sounds. He still needs to transition into the new country, new language, etc., and it's affecting his play. I suppose that makes him a normal human being after all. Well, I hope he can break out of it and get some good vibe going. It'd sure be nice to see the road performance come closer to matching his Friendly Confines output. Not that we're unhappy with Fukudome by any stretch, but you have to figure it'll come around eventually.

I've been watching MLB.tv Mosaic the last few days, and it's been scarily dragging me in, watching baseball all day and feeling dreary-eyed and bewildered around midnight when the West Coast games come to an end. Sweet.

Anyway, who's hot and who's not on the Cubs? We know the Cubs are not, considering losing seven of ten, but how about...

Hot (over last 10 games)?
  • Geovany Soto - .343/.425/.514, a HR, 7 RBI.
  • Mike Fontenot - .321/.367/.750(!!!), with 3 2B, 3 HR, 4 RBI. Move him to cleanup!
  • Daryle Ward - .368/.429/.444. 'bout time we see some out of Mr. Ward.
  • and some guy named Derrek Lee - .308/.386/.436 with 4 RBI.
Not (over last 10, duh)?
  • Carlos Marmol - 11.74 ERA, 1.70 WHIP, two losses, and three HR allowed the last three outings. Ouch. Nervous yet? I'm there. But I'm often there. Ya know, the Cub Fan in me.
  • Ronny Cedeno - .214/.290/.250. Nice Web Gem in the ChiSox series, but the bat is ice cold.
  • Kosuke Fukudome - Yikes. .213/.319/.333, 12 K's. Umm, yeah, not good. Got to get back to Wrigley to resuscitate our Homey.
Guess I could have mentioned Aramis and Jimmy each have 4 HR over the last ten games as well, but their other stats just weren't Hot worthy. Hey, deal with it.

Tonight. The Return of Big Z. In the Cardinals Opener. Did someone say "does it get any bigger than this?" Well, maybe not in the MLB on the Fourth of July. This is a statement game. I hope Carlos keeps it reeled in tonight. Don't want to see that Zambrano Meltdown Four or Five run inning thing happen tonight. Well, that's actually on the list of "Things I'd Rather Never See" in between Aunt Nelly naked and A.J. hittin' a homer.

Go Cubs!!

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