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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cubs Acquire Rich Harden

Well, here comes the other foot. The Cubs picked up top-dollar arm Rich Harden, as reported by ESPN. The Network reports it's for Gallagher, Murton and little Patterson (and minor league catcher Josh Donaldson). Let's see what the deal is like before I comment further that this:


And, please don't get hurt.

So now the rotation is:
  1. Zambrano
  2. Dempster
  3. Harden
  4. Lilly
  5. Marshall
  6. some guy in the RF bleachers
  7. Marquis
Not too shabby, I'd say. And long reliever/spot starter Chad Gaudin is coming to Chicago with Mr. Harden. Two MLB ready guys for three guys the Cubs didn't use in the "starting" capacity (although, I believe all three will slide right into the A's starting lineups). Nice for the Ivory Tower to tell us that "We're For Real" or they're trying really hard, or something. Essentially, the word is: Don't worry Cub Fans, we're goin' for it.

And I like it. However, I'll like it a lot more if/when they sign Harden to a deal.

Ya know, I'm happy for Matt Murton too. Oakland and Beane's love for OBP was made for the redhead. The fans are going to love him there. EP? We have enough of that type of guy already, maybe not lefties, but hey, we're talking Top Tier pitcher here, so, thanks, Eric. Enjoy the weather! Besides, he's going to start for the A's, it seems. Sean Gallagher? He's the biggest loss of the deal for the Cubs, and will likely jump into Oakland's starting rotation, but Harden for Gallagher is a win for the Chicago Cubs, that's for sure.

Wonder when the first start is pencilled in? (no pressure)

Go Cubs!!

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