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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Hey, ya can't win everyday. Just ask the Patriots. Ya had to figure that after the great couple of days there, something might happen, probability and all. Although I could've done without giving up seven long balls, including Dunn's meteor shot onto or perhaps over Sheffield Ave. (and what gives giving their catcher Ross his second and third on the year?!). Yesterday Milwaukee and St. Louis lost while the Cubs won big and all the Cubs Minor League teams won as well, although the Iowa Cubs lost the first game of their doubleheader (Jason Dubois, however, did hit three homers in the game two win, and Jeff Samardzija had a great outing, 7 K, zero BB, 7 IP complete game). And the Cards got beat again today, so all is certainly not lost (as I conveniently don't mention Milwaukee's ten run win).

The Cubs lost today 12-7, but still won the series in Chicago over Dusty's Reds two games to one. I'll take that. Last I checked .667's a decent WP. Although the manner of which Lilly was booted makes me anxious to see how he rebounds from this. I figure he'll turn it around. He's got the chops. Plus, he's been around the block a few times.

The guys looked decent at the plate. The LSU Connection and Soto all got two hits. Hell, Fontenot's two were a jack and a two-bagger, and he accounted for three runs and two RBI. Nice.

I'm worried about the way Fukudome's been looking. He seems to be bailing too much and too soon. The opposing pitchers are picking on him tailing low and away. I figure he'll adapt, but it's a bit painful to watch right now. Maybe not as painful as seeing Lieber and Gaudin and Cotts all give up dingers to the first batter they saw, but I'm trying to let go...

Now it's three with San Fran and the long break, well, for all but seven Northsiders. All three games are day games. First we get a little Marquis. Yikes, but let's see if he can put another start like the last one together and get some mojo workin'. Can't be any worse than Lilly's 6 ER in 2.2 IP today. Not what the doctor ordered. And if so, someone take the doc out back for a few. Take your time.

So, Z good (ya think?). Lilly, oops. Marquis? We'll find out tomorrow afternoon. Harden on Saturday. I think a few people might be paying attention to that one. If they don't show this game on Fox Saturday Baseball, I think there might be some assassinations of top Fox Sports personnel by sundown. Maybe by two-thirty. The Finale on Sunday showcases Dempster and Lincecum. That's Must See TV, in the sun, at Wrigley Field. Can it get any better than that?

In July, at least?

Go Cubs!!

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