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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Giant Performance From Marquis

We now know Jason Marquis likes to pitch against the San Francisco Giants. Either that, or he's a brand new man. Let's hope it's more the latter, but I'm sure the Chicago Cubs will take it nonetheless. Marquis went out there and threw a gem of a 7.0 IP shutout, giving up only three hits, walking two, and striking out four in the 3-1 win. His ERA vs. San Fran this year is now 1.29. Maybe he knows his job is on the line. Maybe he just likes throwing against the Giants. Maybe July is his month. Whatever it is, can we please keep this JM Version 2.0-SF in play for a while?


How about Aramis Ramirez sending that three run, eighth inning bomb onto Waveland? Yeah, suckers, intentionally walk D Lee again. Take that shit. Loved it (almost as much as he did). Nice interview after the game too, A-Ram. Instead of talking smack and going the "me, me, Me" route, he simply stated that Bruce Bochy was obviously trying to induce a double play, and "it just didn't work out this time". I'd say.

Let's also congratulate Ryan Theriot for another 2-4 day, and starting off the three run inning with a single to left (nice sac by Fontenot to push him over and cause the IBB). And throw a 'grat in there for Howry for actually not giving up a hit, much less a run, today. Thanks for showing up today, Bobby, and keeping that ERA below five for the guys. Here's a win for ya.

Some guy named Rich Harden is throwing in a early start tomorrow. Alright, J.R., daytime game in the Friendly Confines. Baseball in the sunshine in Wrigley Field in front of 41,160 Cub Fans. You're on a first place team looking to end a 63 year old curse, and a century from the winners circle. This is what dreams are made of.

Alright, calm down, it's just the regular season. Have fun out there and do what you do. And hope the Cubs score runs before the eighth this time.

Let's go up 2-0, and then see what Ryan Dempster can do against the Ace of the National League on Sunday afternoon.

Go Cubs!!

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