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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Back In The Saddle

The Chicago Cubs had themselves a good day. It started off good at least. Rich Harden comes in and pitches a great game. Got that first start under his belt, and it was a quality one. Check it off the to-do list. "It's an awesome feeling," Harden said in his ESPN Hotline (cellphone) interview. Peachy Keen.

Later, Carlos Marmol comes in and does his best version of the Ninth Inning Meltdown yet this season, giving up five runs (yes, FIVE) in the ninth inning, and surrendering the 7-2 lead. Are you serious?!? Just frickin' skippy.

Luckily, in the bottom of the eleventh, our man Reed Johnson poked a single through through the infield to right that (barely) scored Mark DeRosa from second base. Cubs win 8-7. Calls of scrappy hit were heard across the land. And loved by many. Cue the music and raise that W.

Harden went 5.1 IP, without surrendering a run, allowing five hits, walking three and striking out a whopping ten. He outshined the CC outing, and made a great statement for the new ballclub. Something like "how's that?" with confident, knowing overtones. So far, so good. Let's revisit this a few more starts from now.

What's up with Carlos? Maybe he's just a tired, tired young man. Aren't you glad he's not on the All Star squad now?! Let's hope he gets his head out of his ass sooner than later, because I'd rather put the looking in the rearview mirror burner on low. I think the break is just what we're looking for. It'd better be or I'll need to refill the Valium scrip. Again.

Of course, ya always gotta dig the Cards and Brewers losing, which they were kind enough to do today. Jason Michaels: Cubs Hero of the Day. Thanks, buddy. I knew you could do it. Way to finish up that comeback victory. That man better not have a tab tonight. Meanwhile, the Cubs are up five and a half on the Redbirds and six on the Crew. Back with the best record in Baseball and the biggest lead as well. Lovin' it. Let's do this again tomorrow, shall we? Cool.

Well, like the Cubs Fans aren't worn out enough, here comes the final chapter with BC Red vs. TimLin. I think Dempster can hang, of course, but no one in '08 wants to break out the measuring tape vs. Lincecum. Get your popcorn ready.

Go Cubs!!

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