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Monday, July 14, 2008

Ryan Braun on Queer Eye?

Has anyone else noticed how much Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun looks like Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye? Not that there's anything that resembles fashion sense within 100 miles of Milwaukee, WI.

Speaking of Coming Out Parties, I'm just distracted until the "signature talent" free 2008 Home Run Derby starts tonight. Tonight, the party seems already scripted for Josh Hamilton. It's the ol' Hey, Look, He USED to Do Drugs, but Now He's Like Us and Awesome, thang. I can barely stomach the trash, but I'm looking forward to a few Yankee Stadium meteor shots tonight.

In fact, who's going to beat Josh?

That's what I thought. And thanks for the Josh Hamilton successful rehab story. We'll be waiting for the next round of stories that cut him back down. Predictable patterns of the media for the morons, and all.

They need to revamp this thing. Will anything beat McGwire's Fenway park display anyway? EVER? How about the old TV show setup with inning by inning matchups, winners move through in a head to head tourney bracket. It's simple. Get the top four HR guys from each league, seed them 1-8 (flip for AL/NL first, then go 1v8, 2v7, etc.) and go inning by inning, until the final round (only three rounds this way) and then you might get some "ninth" inning heroics people can talk about. One out per inning, nine outs total, each hitter taking turns, inning by inning scorekeeping, fans are in it, and TV drama is created (ya know it'll go down to the last "inning" often enough). And make some $ go to the winner's Fave Charity. Hell, give the runner up a charity donation plug too.

And, come to think of it, get rid of the "wipe the slate clean" idiocy. For instance, McGwire didn't even with that year ('99 in Fenway), cause lil' Griffey "won" it later. Why wipe 'em clean? Those homers didn't count? This isn't a frickin' Home Run Derby? Why watch a Home Run Derby where the person who hits the most home run doesn't win? STUPID is quite the understatement.

Someone should stop thinking "spectacle" and start going with "exciting", "fun" or even "at least peeps didn't get ripped off" as HRD ideas (now that I think about it, where does all this ASG cash go anyway? To the Account de Selig? MLB coffers? Hank Steinbrenner's Future Fines Fund?).

Go Cubs!!

(Well, no Cubs tonight, but that's a good thing, if ya ask me. Do ya want Aramis taking 100 uppercut, all-out swings tonight? Me either)

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