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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Madness

With the Cubs losing 2 of three from the dreaded Padres, and about to lose Derrek Lee for five games or so (it's official: Five Large), my Cub Joy rating is at about 0.32, which may or may not have been the BAC of many Cub fans the last two days. The outlook of the Cubbies scoring runs is mighty bleak with D Lee and E-Ramis out of the lineup. When your cleanup hitter is Barrett with his .252/.305/.427, you know things just aren't right.

How about the U.S. Open? Oakmont is downright crazy. I couldn't finish that course with three cases of balls in my bag. Who is that smoking fool Cabrera? As I heard on The Dan Patrick Show this morning, Cabrera had the week of his life and won vs. Tiger, who had a mediocre week, by only one stroke.

US Soccer (yes, US Soccer) is in the semifinals of the CONCAFF Gold Cup. The US beat a tough Panama team 2-1, raising their record to 3-0-0 and getting them into the Semifinals on Thursday, when they'll take on Canada in ChiTown at 6pm CST. Mexico takes on Guadeloupe in the other Semi at 9pm. If US plays Mexico in the finals on Sunday, my place of work will be out of it's mind that night. U-S-A.

The Astros get their first sweep of the season. Where did that offense come from? Mike Lamb and his .733/.867/1.333 over the last four games surely spikes the punch a bit. He has more RBI's over that span (10) than he did the 50 games before that (7). A Grand Salami sort of helps that stat along. The 'Stros scored 24 runs during the sweep of the Mariners, four more runs than they managed during their recent 10 game slide.

Sam Perlozzo is already out as the Baltimore Orioles manager. Seems he finished his brief tenure with the O's with an eight game losing streak. At home. Nice way to go out. Rumors have Joe Girardi taking the job, with Andy MacPhail being the new GM in B-town. Figures, a couple more ex-Cubs sent to a division in which they have no chance of winning. Good Luck.

In NHL news, bwaaaahaaaaahaaaahaaaa. Just kidding.

Tommie Harris made some waves by saying he'd like the Bears to have Donovan McNabb as his QB. Ummm.... What's the problem? Duh?! First, nearly every NFL team wouldn't mind having Donovan on their team. Secondly, anyone see the implosion of one Rex Grossman in the little thing called the Super Bowl? Get over it Rex. Prove us all wrong. 'Nuff Said.

Can Marshall, Marquis and Lilly get it done in Texas? I say yes. Well, yes as in two out of three and taking the series. We'll find out starting tomorrow.

Go Cubs!

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