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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

At World's End

How did you guy's like Hunter Pence's unofficial coming out party on national TV today? I loved it, Why you ask? Well, because he is on my fantasy team, I'm a huge Astros fan and I'm beginning to develop a man crush. Now that's the positive, let me delve into the negative for while.

Arrrrr, the negative be a deep and harsh mistress.

Don't I know it, The Astros have just got done losing ten games in a row and have overall lost eleven out of thirteen. The amount of runs they have scored in the ten loses has been enough to assist my hairline's rescission towards the top of my head. In contrast the amount of runs they have allowed their respective opponents to score has resulted in a spike in ticket sales for the Giant's and Diamondback's, however brief.

aye, but there be a light over the watery horizon.

True, as I and my fellow "Sadly Devoted to a Horrible Baseball Team Brother" Grahm well know, the NL Central is still not out of reach, the division is just that bad. Now Jason Jennings finally came back last week and pitched a pretty good game, Chris Sampson looks to be the legit 3rd starter and Matt Albers is back in the minors where he can rebuild his fragile frat boy ego from getting lit up like a Christmas Tree his last four outings in the Majors. Woody William's struck out nine in his last appearance and Carlos Lee is leading the Majors in RBI's. So the lining has a hint of silver to it.

Arrrrr, i fancy me silver, what be the course for such hopeless ship?

Well, glad you asked. Ya see the Astros play 16 outta 25 games on the road this month, the majority of those games are against the AL, Mariners, Angels, A's, White Sox and Ranger's. Bad News! If the Astros are going to pick it up their time is now, problem is it is not going to be easy. Not that it was easy before, you know what? Its gonna be hard as shit! This is it for the Astros, they have their rotation in order and its time to define themselves against the rest of the League

The Astros are now at Worlds End, just on the edge of falling off the NL's Oceanic Table. What resolve does such a team hold, to keep themselves afloat. Its seems time will be the deciding goddess when it come's to the Astros fate. That and scoring some fucking runs! Drink up me hardy's YOHO!

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