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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Fried Day

(AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

Well, after stopping at Plucker's last night, I am quite glad it was the first day this week I got to sleep past 7:00am. Oh yeah. Quite the Drama Central last night on South Lamar last night, but I'll leave that crap untouched and move on to Lebron, Wie, and the losers of 15 of the last 22, the sorry-ass Cubs.

Lebron James. 48 points in 50 minutes, 9 boards, 7 dimes and 2 steals. Not a bad day at the office. But, much more impressive (or disturbing, depending upon your reference point) is that King James dropped 25 in a row to end the game, 29 of the last 30, hauling his Cavs up on his broad shoulders for the third straight game and kicking the once "guaranteed" Finals-bound Pistons back 109-107 in double-OT. Now it's up 3-2 and back home to Cleveland (cue Drew Carey) to try and wrap up an improbable comeback.

Does this NBA Playoff performance rank up there with the best of all time? Definitely. Does this mean the Cavs are going to roll on into the Finals? Absolutely not. Everyone keeps bringing up how this type of thing compares to Michael Jordan, and sure, it does. But, for those of us old enough to actually remember, Mike didn't win Championships when he was throwin' down like that with regularity. He won when the rest of the team came through. The Bulls finally won when others made those big shots (think Paxson and Kerr). The team came through together.

Now, I know Izzy and Gib are doing what they can to sort of chip in (like throwing five in on the $100 tab), the Cavs are far from team. In fact, this team is exactly like those pre-Championship Bulls teams. One man show, below average coach, dreams of glory but not quite getting there. When this is all said and done, and people realize the Cavs skated by a Wizards team minus Agent Zero and Caron, an overrated Nets team, and only won three games against the Pistons, then it'll settle in just as it is. A nice little story that adds up to a card or two short of a full house.

Not that three of a kind isn't a big time betting hand. Two pair on the other hand...

OK, let's say the Cavs somehow get by the Pistons. Then they're looking up (way up) at a true NBA team: The San Antonio Spurs. I don't think I need to say anything more about that. If I only had two words, how about Royal Flush.

On to other things. Did I just see that Michelle Wie, the "future" or whatever, just quit after going 14-over after 16 holes? I know "wrist injury". Yeah, yeah. Phil Mickelswithdrew as well, after 11 holes, but happened to be 1-under at the time. It was also only the second time in his 15 year professional career that he's withdrawn in the middle of a tournament, the other time being a 2004 bout with food poisoning. [Insert working brain cells here].

Donovan takes the money and runs to Orlando. Usually, I'd say something like, yeah, great job. See you back in College in a couple of years. Ya know, those "adults" in the pros don't like to listen to coaches. Just watch the Cavs when Davis speaks. But, for $27.5 mil, I just can't even rationalize what the hell that means. Besides desperation. At least they're in the East, and he's got a chance to make the playoffs. And it's a young team without "superstars". What the hell, give it a shot.

Now, on to the Cubs. As I watch Alfonso Soriano and his hundreds of millions of dollars take a week swing on a 2-2 count on a pitch about two inches off the ground, two inches outside, I think, Oh Yeah, these are the Cubs. Fuck. And I consult my list of self-help groups.

Texas' running back turned defensive end Henry Melton was arrested and charged with DWI last night. He's a junior. Wouldn't that make him a minor? Just checking. So here in Austin, we've got players with guns in their lap when the cops approach the car. When the cops approach the frickin' car! We've got players wandering around in an "unexplained stupor" up in the northern suburbs at 5 am. We've got weed charges, domestic assault charges, and one of the lowest graduation rates in the country. Nice. Welcome to SW Miami.

Hey, but they win, right? Business is Business.

I need a shower.


Go Cubs?

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