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Friday, June 08, 2007

Random Musings

Did anyone watch the MLB Draft today? Talk about a snooze fest. I kept praying for a testing of the Emergency Broadcast System. I know that Selig is jealous of how big of an event the NFL Draft is, and he'd like to duplicate, but it's just not gonna happen. With the NFL, you know quite a few of the players, and all the players drafted you'll see the next year. Not so with baseball. Half the kids are high schoolers. Nobody watches enough college baseball to be familiar with even the best of those guys. And to top it off, most of the draftees will never set foot in the big leagues. For the ones that do, you get to wait half a decade. Sorry Bud, this ain't gon'work!

The NBA Finals may prove to be the only thing more boring than the MLB Draft. Even LeBron's mom put $20 on the Spurs. I don't even watch much basketball anymore and I still knew the "real" Finals took place 3 weeks ago when San Antonio beat Phoenix.

Hand me my plate of crow. It looks like Hunter Pence was ready for the bigs this year. I knew he'd be a good player eventually, but I thought he still needed a year at AAA. Looks like the NL ROY race is between him and Lincecum. Chris Young could sneak into the picture though.

Miami is going to trade or release Daunte Culpepper before the weekend is over. Oakland seems like a good fit, and they've expressed interest in him before. Jamarcus Russell could sit for a year and learn from Daunte. Just two years ago he was an elite quarterback. If that knee is right, I don't see why he couldn't be a quality starter again.

Astros fans continue to talk about trading for Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but I just don't see it. First, I don't think the Braves are going to move him. I know McCann is blocking him behind the plate, but they can stick him at first to help provide some of the offense the team will lose when Andruw Jones leaves. I've heard whispers of trying him in left also. But even if they are going to deal him, the Astros don't have the pieces. They could swap Pence for Salty, but that still leaves a hole in center. They probably wouldn't move Pence anyhow.

Maybe the Cubs could put together a deal. Would Felix Pie be enough? It would solve Atlanta's center field need and allow the Cubs to let Michael Barrett walk. Barrett will probably get $8 million per year on the market.

Well, off to bed. It's getting late.

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