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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fight at Wrigley

The Confines weren't so friendly today, as both benches cleared after Padres starter Chris Young hit Derrek Lee up near the head in the bottom of the fourth inning this afternoon. While the home plate ump was chatting with the Padres catcher for some reason, the aforementioned players decided to get it on about 45 feet up the first base line. D Lee seemed to be saying something to Young, Young said he didn't mean to do it, Derrek said, "yeah, right" and then the punches were flying. Or something like that. In the ensuing brawl, Jake Peavy did enough sucker-punching to get tossed as well as the two combatants. Guess Peave meant what he said in the paper about hitting someone. Thought he meant with the ball, but whatever.

Here's the rub: Derrek is now going to be suspended for a while. With the Cubs already without Aramis Ramirez, the prospect of losing their best hitter, one of the best hitters in MLB, does not paint a rosy picture. Great. Now who plays first? DeRosa? Do the Cubs then recall Ronny Cedeno? Cedeno for Lee doesn't scream "Offense". More like "Offensive". Maybe Ward will be ready to come of the DL after the weekend.

Zambrano almost got thrown out with his involvement in the fight, but he never got to a Padre. He got tackled by four or five of his teammates, trying to keep him in the game. Those guys saved a couple of Pad's from a trip to the ER. Right Mike?

But, if there is a silver lining, hopefully Peavy gets tagged for a couple of games. Young and Peavy going down seems almost even with Lee plus hitting coach Gerald "Gladiator" Perry. GP sure likes to throw down, doesn't he?

Alright, back to the game. Carlos just got his second inning-saving DP in a row, so I'm off to watch the remainder.

Go Cubs!

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