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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Four In A Row

(AP Photo/Jerry Lai)

Nice. Just when you thought the Cubs blew another game with one more shoddy performance from the bullpen, the O pulls is out, and the Cubs come away with a much needed come from behind win. Not only that, but it's Alfonso Soriano who provides the game winning hit. Nice way to put the wrap on the ol' Player of the Week chops. He only got one hit on the day, but he definitely made it count.

As I was watching the game on MLB.tv, I thought, as many Cubs fans most likely did, that the game was over. Up 8-3 in the ninth inning, I was wondering what game to watch next. Then, as only the Cubs can do, they proceeded to give up six runs in the top of the ninth without registering an out. Once again, it was Scott Eyre and Bob Howry who allowed the runs. Now, to their defense, Eyre was trying to last 2 1/3 and Howry just got the save last night, but it still broadcasts from the top of the mountain what the Cubs need desperately, and that's another bullpen arm. Now, the pitch Bob threw for the final three run homer was not a bad pitch, but it was a good thing nothing throw-worthy was close to me as the ball landed a few rows deep in the Wrigley Field bleachers.

But, somehow, someway, the Cubbies actually made it up in their half of the ninth this time. Thanks to a botched play by Matsui at 2nd, the Cubs stayed alive, and Soriano came through with a little single to shallow right to score Jones and Hill to win the game for the Good Guys. Oh, there's joy in Wrigley tonight. Might be a few people late for work in Chi-Town tomorrow morning.

With D Lee about to hit the pine with his suspension, the Cubs need to win as many games as possible right now. To win game one vs. an extremely hot Rockies team sure starts off the series with a bang. Especially considering they came back from the dead to do it. Whew. Let's try and save the heart-attacks from happening next time, OK?

How about the 5-5 night by Fontenot? A rookie hasn't done that since, hmmm... Oh yeah, Theriot last year. I'm liking this Bayou Connection. Aramis made a few good plays on D as well, which is a nice way to play his first game back at the corner. I'm liking it. If the Cubs can win this series, and sit just two below .500 with signs seemingly pointing in the right direction, I'm liking their chances to make something after this season after all.

Then again, maybe that's enough Kool-Aid for one night.

Go Cubs!

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