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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Put in the New Shooter

Once again, the Chicago Bears are in a mess with the quarterback position. Lovie needs to make a decision that is going to keep him as coach of the Bears, or he’ll be looking for another job. He is going to have to decide who is going to start as QB. Angelo has handcuffed him again by not going out and getting a REAL NFL QB in the off-season. Here are the choices that the Bears have as your starters coming into the year:

The radio stations in Chicagoland, (WSCR and ESPN AM 1000) are both asking if the fans are ready to throw away a season by going to an unproven QB in Orton. This pre-season so far has shown that Hutchinson is not a starter in the League and he only has 8 starts in the NFL anyway. He could be someone that is a backup, but the Bears can’t afford to keep him on as a starter. Hutchinson lacks poise in the pocket, can’t read the defense, and he is not able to get rid of the ball accurately. Hey, this looks like last year’s backup, Quinn. Well, not exactly, at least Hutchinson looks like he belongs in the NFL, while Quinn played more like a NFL QB back in the early 70’s when you didn’t need to pass as much.

Orton has shown that he can read defenses. To that point, in the Bills game, Orton saw something in the defensive formation that he started to point out, Kreutz slapped his hand since this has been his job, pointing out defensive items in the past. The QB is supposed to take control of a situation, but for now this is a thing the he will have to earn. We are all wondering if he is ready for the fast pass of the NFL, however, we will not know until he is out there playing against first stringers. In the last preseason game, let’s put Orton in and see what he can do.

I know we love our backup QBs in Chicago, kind of like drinking the Kool-Aid the Cubs Drink every year. So you might be thinking what about Blake? Well, he was picked up from the scrap heap. There is a reason for him being there. If you want to see what the future holds, then we need to see what Orton has. Forget Hutchinson, and even Grossman, Orton is the man. After all, the Bears are not going to the Playoffs this year anyway.

Sub-note- The Bear’s will be lucky to win 5 games…. Cheer for a real team, like the BRONCOS!!! (That’s Suzanne’s comment, I do not agree!)

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