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Saturday, August 20, 2005

MLB Cover Up?

It's the job of a professional sports reporter to make sure they have facts before they break a story. I'm no sports reporter. I'm just a fan with an opinion, so I'm willing to write about rumors and speculation.

There is chatter all over the internet that 2 American born players (1 AL/1 NL) have tested positive for steroids. One is a sure fire Hall of Fame pitcher. The players being speculated about are Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens. The story goes like this. These guys failed steroid tests, but because Clemens is such a big name, the league is allowing them to appeal the results before reporting the story. Should they win their appeal the story never comes out. But should they lose the appeal, we the public hear about it sometime within the next week.

I've read just a little bit about this story and it seems to have some merit. It certainly seems reasonable to me that the league would be willing to hide the results from the public until the appeal process has taken its course. Why wouldn't they do that favor for "Rocket". MLB wants its legendary pitcher being tainted by steroids as much as I want cancer. Now I know this is all speculation, but it's not out of the realm of possibility in my view.

Hopefully we can get some more information about this within the next couple days. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open. If this story is true, it's going to be all people talk about. I'll try to keep you updated.

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