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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Things I Learned Watching Million Dollar Baby

I just watched Million Dollar Baby, which for some reason, the Academy seemed to enjoy. I don't get it (*Spoiler Alert*). I mean, the first hour and a half is good, even great (the dialogue between Eastwood and Swank and Freeman is fantastic), but then shut the movie off, walk out, and enjoy your life. Seriously. Don't watch the end. If you didn't get out while the getting was good, then here's the lessons you might learn:
  • The only people who keep fighting are retarded (sorry, "mentally challenged").
  • "I fought to get into this world," but she sure quit on the way out.
  • Family Sucks.
  • Cheaters Win.
  • Turn your back for a second, and it all goes to hell.
  • Murder is OK, if she's medicated.
  • Parapalegics have no reason to live.
  • You can throw it all away for a good piece of pie.
Hey, sounds like a winner to me. Talk about leaving the movie with a bad taste in your mouth. And I'm not talking lemon meringue in a can. I'm all for not having the traditional "sweet, Hollywood" ending, but come on already.

I need some retribution.

And some sleep.

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