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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Take on T.O.

Alright, I know the world (that means you) is sick and tired of T.O. this and T.O. that, but just to get my two cents in on the matter, I think he should honor his contract. If you sign a contract, if you pick up the pen and ink your name to the deal (Sharpie or no Sharpie), then you stand up and honor the deal. If you wanted more money, the time for negotiations was before you signed. I understand the point Drew Rosenhaus brings up about the NFL team can cut you at anytime (blah blah blah), but hey, you worry about that if/when it happens or you write some language into the deal to prevent that. If you worry about your performance from year to year and getting paid what you deserve, then sign one year deals to ensure you always get paid for your current value.

Now, that being said, I don't think he has to talk to anyone or get along with anyone. That's not in the contract. He just needs to play. If he catches the damn ball and racks up some RAC, then hey, he's doing his part, and most likely the Eagles can think Playoffs. Who cares who he talks to, who he gets along with, who he doesn't, who he bunks with, what TV shows he watches, who he eats lunch with, what color socks he wears... Ya know, I could care less. They're grown men on the team and they'll work that stuff out between themselves. He's in camp now, he's running routes, end of story.

Donovan McNabb is equally at fault for going to the media, even though he's "protecting" himself, he could easily just shut up and play the party line if he wanted to. But, he wants to be the "team leader" and have the focus go through him, like many think the QB should be. Whatever. If you don't want it blowing out of proportion Donovan, then just say "Terrell is an Eagle, I'll throw him the ball, and we'll win. Thank you and goodnight." He pretty much said that ("if he's open, I'll throw him the ball") but then he had couldn't resist taking a few jabs himself. This is very high-school to me, and I think these adults could handle themselves better if they really wanted to.

Alright, that's all I'm saying about that. I hope the Bears sign Cedric Benson soon. I mean, if Alex Smith, draft pick numero uno can sign, then just get to the table and sign already CB. Get the pads on, join the team, and let's start the season already. Man.


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