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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bob Huggins Tanked

Bob Huggins, coach of the University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball squad, has been asked to resign by the end of the day, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, and of which I heard listening to WSCR this afternoon. The coach is out due to his drinking problems, including his infamous pictures canoodling with college coeds at a party on campus and his DWI arrest a while back. Nice. Hope it was worth it.

Yes, he made the NCAA Tournament 14 straight years, but Cincy was knocked out in the first round in 10 of those years. Also, his graduation rate was as low as 0% a few seasons ago (last year it was in the low twenties). So, he has lots of issues, but it could be argued that the new president is just trying to make a statement.

The guys on The Score are really ripping into him. Saying that his car comes with a roll-over option, that he makes sure it's Scotch-Guarded for puke protection, etc. Will he ever get another job coaching college kids? Not for a while, but since America is extremely accomodating and forgiving (see Raffy and the Lewises in Baltimore for more evidence), we'll probably see him again, perhaps in the NBA or even in the NCAA.

He gets a three million dollar buyout if he resigns, but if he refuses to quit, he'll get fired and "only" get two million, so expect a press conference with Coach Huggins announcing his resignation very soon.

What did we learn from this? Don't pose for pictures with a beer in hand while kissing on underage girls? Try actually getting your college players to go to their college courses? Or, how about simply stay out of trouble and don't do anything stupid? I'm not sure if Huggins learned that one or not.

He's got a lot of time to think about it now.

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