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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As 8/8/08 comes closer for the start of the summer Olympics, do people really care about the Olympics for the main stream events? I enjoy the watching the games that I don’t get to see much of or get over hyped, such as your Track and Field, swimming, wrestling, weight lifting, and other. However I really don’t give a rats butt on watching some of the main stream events. Here is a list of games that I feel that the USA fan really won’t watch.

Basketball – This is like watching the summer basketball for the rookies. Sure there is a lot of talent there but do you really care if you missed watching it
Soccer – The EURO and World Cup are the bigger venues then the Olympics
Boxing – All too often this is just a glorified Golden Gloves. If people want to watch fighting they should watch MMA or bring cage fighting to the Olympics.
Baseball – This is right in the middle of the MLB season. There are so many international players that are in MLB that are not going so that should tell you how important the players even think it is.

People should tune into the Olympics. However, I for one will want to follow the smaller sports and look for that underdog that we can grasp on to and truly lift up as a champion.

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