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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bears Show Urlacher The Money


Brian Urlacher got what he was looking for: Contract Restructuring. He gets six million off the bat in "signing bonus" and a one million boost each year over the next four years. Good. The inept Chicago Bears Front Office finally did something smart, and assured the best player on their squad stays happy and keeps crushing guys on the other side of the ball. Unfortunately, their offense still sucks.

But, let's focus on the positives for a moment. No more singing for the man, no more, "sure, we'll get to it"/"check is in the mail" crap. They paid him what he's worth, and he'll go out there and play like he always does. It's just a bonus that it'll be in a Bears uniform.

And enough stupid stories about him having to go earn it. He's done that ever since he's first stepped on Soldier Field. So, if you read this story, remember to send some hate mail in about how stupid Haugh is. Thanks. Actually, don't even read it. What's the use.

However, there's a hilarious idea of trading Urlacher for Favre from Mike "I was bored today, so I wrote a column" Downey. Yeah. Brilliant. Let's see, what comes to mind exactly... oh yeah... STFU. Compared to Downey, Haugh is a genius. Mike Downey is the only guy I can think of that would make W the smartest man in the room.

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