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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dan Uggla: Wanna Get Away?

Ding! The long, long, long, All-Star Game last night was fun at times, sad at times, but a wonder to watch overall. What did we learn? The American League still has better players and obviously had the better Manager last night, but, also, we learned this game can actually mean something.

However, one person absolutely wanted to find a hole and hide, and that was Dan Uggla. Credited with three errors, he actually made a few other questionable plays as well. He also K'd with the bases loaded once and also ended the threat in the 10th by grounding into an easy 4-6-3. So, I'm assuming y'all know that 0-4 with three strikeouts (the most on either squad), six LOB (again, the most), three errors (yep, the most) and a GIDP probably cost the game. I'm sure Dan's well aware of that too. Maybe he just wasn't used to, as a Florida Marlin, playing in front of more than 10,000 people. Perhaps he stayed up all night with one of NYC's finest ladies of the night. He certainly didn't help his value on the trade market, which we know is what the Marlins are all about. Dan's not the Man, last night for sure. Of course, he'll just hit some more slam dunks, oh, I mean home runs, and get all over ESPN again anyway. Right Corey Hart? A two-hopper to the plate from shallow right field (and not even on target)?! Way to go Jacque Jones, Jr.

He's not the only one who had a hard day at the game. What was Clint Hurdle thinking getting Brad Lidge up SIX times in the pen? Lidge was tabulated as throwing over 100 warmup pitches before he ever got into the game, sometime past 1:00 am EDT. Seriously, I'd expect this from a High School coach (just ask Kerry Wood), maybe, but a Big Leaguer? Embarrassing, stupid, foolish and just plain sad. How'd this doofus ever get to the World Series? Oh yeah, roll of all rolls and a collapse ahead of him. Great.

The NL did get lucky though, with every one and their mother stealing on Soto and Martin. The LA catcher can hit and is one of the best fielders behind the plate, but Francona pretty much showed everybody that the man just can't throw out baserunners (not that Soto got anyone either).

Finally, I think they should add another pitcher per team, perhaps two players and let them decide if they want position players or pitchers. This way, more people get on the team, more fans are happy, more players are happy (more get bonuses too), and the Managers don't have to worry as much about the late game attrition (although why Francona only got 9 pitches out of Halladay can easily be criticized after the fact).

Good News? This comes from the "sort of" department, but at least Zambrano, Dempster and Marmol all looked good. However, I'd rather they all have more time off if the NL didn't win anyway. Especially Carlos Marmol. Oh well, at least they showed the AL they can take 'em out, on the big stage, if need be. Ya gotta think Ryan felt pretty hopped up about the three K's he threw down in the ninth. And Big Z, where's that pickoff move been all year? Loved the pitch to Manny too. Fun times.

Is it Friday yet?

Go Cubs!!

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