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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ed Wade: 0 for 1

Ed Wade, new GM for the beleaguered Houston Astros, makes his first move of the offseason, and it's not a pretty one. OK, many 'stros fans wanted him out of town, but I'm thinking most of them wanted to get something in return for him. Brad Lidge and Eric Bruntlett for outfielder Michael Bourn, right-hander Geoff Geary and minor league third baseman Mike Costanzo doesn't really scream "Success"!!

To get rid of pitching, good middle relief pitching, for a "I hope he can lead off" guy in Bourn, and a (much) lesser arm in Geary and a roll of the dice in Costanzo, who's a ok AA guy currently hitting a less-than-stellar .172 in the Arizona Winter League. Yikes.

Well, at least they got rid of Lidge, right? Ugh. The Phillies sure thank you Mr. Wade. Great job there. What's next? Roy Oswalt for Kip Wells?

Yee-Haa! Sure is fun playing with other people's money! Seriously, I sure hope, for those Astros fans out there, that Wade's second trade is better than this one. Kinda hard to get worse (umm, that's not a challenge, Ed).

Hey, anytime you want to send Hunter Pence over for Jacque Jones, I'm sure the Ivory Tower is all ears... On second thought, they'd probably blow that opp.

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