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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

D Lee Back, Cubs Promptly Win

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Derrek Lee comes back from his five game suspension he incurred sometime way back in the Mesozoic era and promptly goes 2-4, and knocks in a big run in the 3-2 Cubs victory over the frickin' Redbirds. Zambrano had a good outing and Ramirez drove in the go-ahead as well. Nice to see the team hitting on all cylinders. Tonight, hopefully the Cubs continue their winning ways (of late) and support Ted Lilly on towards his 11th win. Any win over the Cardinals is a good win, but sitting only 3.0 games back, every win seems that much bigger. Especially with the Brew Crew playing the Reds. Trust me Redlegger, I'm rooting for the Reds this series. Obviously. Just get your wins now before the weekend.

But I just love that shot of a dejected Pujols after making the final out. Maybe I'm a sadist. Nah, I'm just a Cub Fan.

Directly from the Uh-Oh category, free-swingin' Ronny Cedeno is back in town. I know, I know, he hit .350-something in AAA and had 10 HR's, but we've seen this story before. And it wasn't pretty. The Fontenot/Theriot combo is doing just fine for me. As long as Cedeno stays behind these two and behind DeRosa (when he comes back), then I'm down with that. With trepidation. Sweet Lou won't stupidly, stubbornly, stand behind these guys if they don't produce, so I shouldn't worry.

But I do lot's of things I shouldn't.

Anyone remember we traded Greg Maddux away for Cesar Izturis (essentially)??? So, let me get this straight, after we sent Izzy packing for the ol' PTBNL, we traded first ballot HOF, one of the greatest pitchers ever to grace this earth, for a PTBNL?! WTF????!!!!

OK, deep breaths...

Still, that just doesn't sit well with me. They kind of quietly let that thing happen so there wasn't a riot in the middle of Wrigley. Trust me, let that sit in for a sec and there just might be a riot going on.

If the Cubs weren't 3.0 games out of first.

I'm off to watch the rest of the A's/LAA of A game. See y'all soon.

Maybe Redlegger will actually post soon. Or perhaps Styles or Galt will come back from their Antarctic Fishing Trip. Or maybe we should check guest ledger at Guantanamo Bay.

Go Cubs!

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