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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cedric Benson Out

Cedric Benson went down a few minutes ago, with a Denver Broncos tackler landing hard on his left ankle. The Chicago Bears brought the truck out to get him, as he could not put any weight on the injury at all. But, I'm far from sad.

Why? Well, as many of you out there agree, Cedric Benson, and the premature departure of Thomas Jones, are perhaps the biggest two mistakes the Bears made in the offseason. Cedric is far from being able to run a team. Sure, they didn't know at the time, but now they do. He's not a #1 back. Well, he is, if you want to have the worst starting running back in the NFL.

Rofl. Jay Cutler just tackled Ogunleye after he picked up a fumble and AO landed right on poor little head, knocking his helmet a few feet away. That's why he plays offense.

Anyway, Cedric and his inability to break even one tackle 90% of the time has been a sore spot of mine and I'm sure many of the Bears. Adrian Peterson is not THAT Adrian Peterson, but at least he plays with heart. And he can pass block. I know, he's not a first round draft pick, but that's not the other Bears players fault, who want to, I don't know, win a game or two. That fault lands directly on the head of the idiotic Chicago Bears management. Great job. Matt Millen wants you around in Detroit so he can look better by comparison. Hell, he's just glad you fools are in the same division.

Anyway, let's see what the Bears can muster down the remainder of the season without the 1200# Pink Elephant sitting in the middle of the huddle. Best of luck to them.

They're going to need it.

Is it too late to just lose the rest of the games and, hmmm, maybe get a NFL quality quarterback? Just asking.

Screw that, just get out there and hit someone. Let's play some Football (we all know they won't draft a good QB anyway).

Go Bears!!

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