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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some Random Sports Thoughts

How's it going, fellow readers!?! I hope all is well. It's time for some of Graham's Random Sports Thoughts (and other crap). Here we go! (please buckle in and keep your arms and legs inside the cabin while the car is in motion). (thank you, and don't forget to stop by the Concession Stand on your way out).

Tim Duncan and the Spurs routed (to say the least) Lebron's Cavs to the tune of 102-76. Don't read too much into it, of course, since it is Week One and all, but it still isn't the way the Cleveland wanted to start off the season. I'm sure.

The White Sox (reluctantly?) bought out Frank Thomas' $10 mil mutual option on Friday. It cost the team $3.5 mil. Not sure how that math works out and all, but I'm not privy to the nitty gritties. The South Side front office came out fast talking about how important Big Frank is to the team and how they wouldn't mind resigning him (i.e. for less money). Not sure how all of this will play out, but they sure don't need him at first. DH? Everett and Hurt can't coexist on the same squad. Not enough AB's to go around. Expect the Hurt to move on out to another AL team. Someone's got to want a career guy with .307/.427/.568 career guy who still has a couple of years left, I think. He is 37 though. Hmmm... We'll have to see how this one plays out. Might be a good "one last year for the Big Fella" deal coming for Mr. Thomas.

Shaq is "only" out 2-4 weeks. Good for the Heat that it's not longer. The TNT guys were saying (why, oh why, did I even listen to them?) that it could be a month or two. Good for TV ratings too. Not to mention Le Stock de Shaquille. Funny how the calls for Stan Van Gundy's head are coming already. People are sick, aren't they? (unless they're coming from Pat Riley's office).

With Dante Culpepper straining three of the four ligaments in his knee, don't expect him to be back anytime at all. If at all.

Top MLB Free Agents this Spring? Sean McAdam has this idea at ol' ESPN.com. Who'll get A.J. or Millwood? Will Wagner go anywhere? Will Molina head elsewhere? What about the World Series star, Paul Konerko? Will he be headed to the Bronx (or Beantown)?. Or will he stay on the South Side? How about Furcal and Garciaparra? Will Damon stay in Boston? Who will land Brian Giles? Is Piazza headed to the AL?

Anyway, these are just some of the things on my mind. That, and wondering what the hell Richard Billingsley has against Oregon.


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