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Monday, October 24, 2005

Game 2 to Konerko and Podsednik

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

The White Sox went into the rain and brought out Game 2 by the skin of their teeth. The things that won it for them in Game 1, strong start, great relief and multiple hit games by Paul Konerko and Scott Podsednik, didn't come to fruition in Game 2. However, after allowing four runs in 7.0 innings, Mark Buerhle was in position for the win, but Bobby Jenks, aka "The Big Man", came in and blew the save and the win (after Cliff Politte came in for a shutout eighth) giving up two runs in the top of the ninth. Also, Konerko and Podsednik, who both had two hits on Saturday, "only" had a hit a piece on Sunday. Good thing for the White Sox that they were a seventh inning Grand Slam by PK and bottom of the ninth walk-off solo shot by Pods. Unreal. Now that's baseball, boys and girls.

It was the eleventh walk-off homerun in over 100 years of World Series history. Sure, not as amazing as Joe Carter's or Bill Mazerowski's walk-off Series winners (no homerun, not Gibson's, not Fisk's, not anyone's are as big as these two that won the frickin' Series! Remember that!), but it's a fantastic moment worthy of World Series Historical note. I mean, here's a guy who went over 500 AB's over the season without one single dinger, and he hits two in the playoffs for the ChiSox, and none bigger than the shot he hit with one out in the bottom of the ninth Sunday night to the third row in right-centerfield. You can put that baby on the board, yes!

Did you see the reaction of the bench when it happened? They saw the ball off the bat, watched it fly, figured (and Crede even said) "No Way", then, as it actually sailed into the exuberant crowd, the bench went crazy, and the rest is truly Fall Classic history. Breathe that in, Sox Fans, that's the smell of victory.

Will the Astros actually pull off four of the next five games to salvage their World Series hope? When I say "I seriously doubt it", I'm not sure that actually has the punch I'm looking for. However, the 'Stros do have Roy Oswalt on the mound tomorrow night, and that has to be a win for Houston. Doesn't it? I'd put money on it, but after watching Podsednik crank one into the crowd at The Cell (not to mention Konerko's blast on the first pitch he saw from Qualls), I'm not sure anymore. This just might be the year for the White Sox.

Game 4 is should be South Siders 2 - Juice Boxers 1. What happens then? Brendon Backe still going to the hill for Phil Garner's squad? Freddy Garcia's ready no matter who it is, but it's either Backe or Pettitte on short rest (or Wandy Rodriguez, and that's not going to happen), so I'd have to say, yes, it's going to be the newest "B" on the hill, with the Series hopes of the city of Houston on his shoulders. No pressure.

Speaking of Phil Garner, in the category of Lucky-Ass Coaching Move of the Series to this point, got a big time hit out of Jose Vizcaino that scored two to tie up the game in the top of the ninth. Seriously, when I saw Jose coming out of the dugout with a bat (instead of Mike Lamb or Orlando Palmeiro), I was literaly yelling at the television "You Dumbass!". But, once again, what do I know? When a guy hitting .246/.299/.337 for the 2005 season, .167 with 7 K's in his last 10 games played, and .000 for the postseason before that AB, comes in off the bench and ties the game for you off of 100 mph big man Bobby Jenks, you get the LACM award, and you should buy a few lottery tickets on the way home.

Anyway, maybe Jon Garland has something to say about me giving away Game 3 to the Astros before it's even played. I'm sure Konerko, Podsednik and Crede have something to say about it. I can't wait until Tuesday night to find out.

On a football note, what the hell is the BCS doing giving the #1 spot to Texas? I mean, I know they played Texas Tech, who was incredibley over-ranked (as I wrote yesterday), and stomped them, but USC stomped Washington too. OK, Washington only has one win, but I thought the strength of schedule component was written out of the BCS this year. Must be a lot of Texas supporters writing their computer polls, because only Jeff Sagrin (perhaps the only computer poll worth looking at) still has USC at #1. I'm sure Pete Carroll is still telling his Trojans and the media that both #1 and #2 get into the title game, but I'm sure inside he's seriously asking "WTF!!!". They are #1, run all over their opponent, and still get shafted. True, USC and UT are so far ahead of Va Tech, GA and AL, that they still look destined for the Rose Bowl, but the question still remains, what the hell are the BCS computer guys smoking, and why can't I get any of that sh!t. As Bill Hicks used to say "is that CIA stash or something?".

Anyway, when USC knocks off their ranked opponents to finish off their schedule and when UT only plays patsies for the remainder of their schedule, this could all turn around once again. Oh, not that strength of schedule has anything to do with it. Allegedly.

How about those Chicago Bears!! Yeah, baby! Nice win over the Ravens. Gotta love it. In first place in the NFC North (they beat the Lions 38-6 earlier in the season). Can you believe it? I can't. I'm extremely happy about it, but I just can't believe it. I wouldn't have thought Kyle Orton could hold it together and that Thomas Jones (25 att/139 yds vs. Ravens vaunted D) could keep holdout-loser Cedric Benson on the bench or that the Bears D could be this good. It's great to see, and I'm glad I have the guys at the Stardust to watch it with. What a fun season it's been to this point. At Detroit next Sunday. Get ready for some Football!

Alright, that's enough for today. Hope you all are doing well. Life in ChiTown has to be sweet today. At least on the South Side. Maybe Dusty Baker will be abducted by aliens or go to LA sometime soon, and life will be sweet on the North Side too. We can only hope.


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