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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One Win Away

Chicago baseball fans, atleast those living on the South Side, are getting that itchy feeling. They could be just hours away from the first World Championship the town has seen since 1917. Chicago sports columnist Michael Wilbon will have us believe that no lead is safe in the hearts and minds of a Chicago baseball fan. I'm not from the Chi-Town area, so I wouldn't know the general feeling. But I would assume that the town can start getting ready to party. Maybe not tonight, but very soon.

The White Sox and their fans have carried two different slogans with them through the postseason. "Don't Stop Believing" and "Win or Die Trying". Aside for the fact that I don't think you're allowed to have more than one slogan, never use the title of a 50 Cent CD as the basis of your playoff theme. That's at the top of the Do's and Dont's list for generating a team slogan.

As for the game tonight, I expect the White Sox to end it here. The Astros first World Series appearance won't be kind enough to grant even one win. On the mound for the Astros is Brandon Backe, who pitched very well in his game against St Louis. But his 4.76 ERA/1.46 WHIP is more telling of his actual ability.

His counterpart Freddy Garcia boasts a 3.87 ERA/1.25 WHIP. Considering Garcia pitched in the AL widens the gap between these stats just a little more. It appears the Astros may be overmatched, but if either pitcher gets into early trouble the game could break wide open. Each club used all of its relievers in the 14 inning game last night, so no one is well rested.

Enough about the game though. I feel we all know what is going to take place. It's just a matter of when it takes place now. Anyone listening to the broadcast last night is well aware that Geoff Blum is a former Astro. Ironically, he ws traded 2 years ago for none other than Brandon Backe. There are other White Sox players with Astro ties as well. Tonight's starter Freddy Garcia was a minor league prospect in the Astro farm system when he was dealt along with 2 other prospects to the Mariners for Randy Johnson. Carl Everrett was shipped to Boston in return for Adam Everett.

How are these players treating their former teammates? Carl Everett is batting .500 as the DH and pinch hitter. Blum hit the game winner in the top of the 14th last night. Now Freddy Garcia has a chance to get the series clinching win for a team in in a 88 year drought. Some payback, huh?

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