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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Congrats to the White Sox

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Alright, I had a big post about the White Sox, but it got erased due to a lockup with Adobe updating. Great. Basically, I wanted to say the White Sox deserved it, they won it and they deserve to be congratulated. Tough being a Cub Fan admitting that, but they went out and got the players they needed, at the "right" cost even, and led their team with pitching to the Championship Trophy. Nice run.

I had written all about how the run they made was extra sweet, for they dropped only one game to Paul Byrd of the Angels in Game 1 of the ALCS. Even though every World Series game was close and could have went either way, the ChiSox came out on top and showed what it takes to win a Championship. Pitching, defense and making baserunners count. Those big homeruns right when the South Siders needed them (Konerko, Podsenik, Blum) couldn't have been scripted any better.

If only the North Siders could learn a thing or two from you. Maybe the pressure is on them now. Probably not, since the Cubs sellout nearly everytime they're in town. What reason do they have to win when the people flock to the seats no matter how good they play? At least they're starting to boo Corey Patterson. If only they could get rid of Capt. Toothpick. Ah well. In time, perhaps. For now, it belongs to the White Sox, and congrats to them for their title run.

And concenring Jermaine Dye winning the Series MVP (over Konerko or Crede, for instance) let me just point out the stats: Dye hit .438/.526/.688 with three runs and three RBI in four Series games played. And he hit in the game winner in Game 4. You have to give the award to somebody, and he deserved it as much if not more than anyone else. If they could chop it up in pieces and give one to everyone, I'm sure they (and Dye as well) would.

Nice catch by Uribe, eh? Amazing he was able to go into the Houston crowd and come out with that ball. Bring out the highlight reel.

Ready for some football? I'm ready for both the College game and the NFL. Lots of big games this weekend in the NFL. Bears v. Lions. Eagles v. Broncos. Giants v. Redskins. Patriots v. Bills. Will USC or UT be atop the (stupid) BCS at week's end? Will Va. Tech, Alabama and Georgia have anything to say about it? Hoops is just around the corner as well. I'm ready.

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