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Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Sports Fix

Well, here we are another Friday. How goes it? Well, it's got to be going better for you than the Red Sox. They've got issues. No GM, no Asst. GM, and soon to be no Manny, no Wells and probably no Damon. And players are flapping about their displeasure, including (of course) Curt Schilling. Good thing (?) the BoSox have several months to work this all out. Not that I feel bad for them or anything (they did it to themselves) but I do feel bad for some of the fans out there. I know, I know, they just won and that should be enough for a while, and they have the Patriots wins to bask about, but the ownership in Boston seems to be getting a bad case of the FU's and Big Fat Ego complex. Maybe now's the time for the Orioles or Blue Jays to jump up in there. Eh, maybe not.

As Matt just posted, Matt Lawton got pegged for steroids. What a dope. What the hell did he need them for anyway? Well, you could ask that about anyone, but really, wtf was he thinking? Well, (as I commented) a man in his thirties that wears his hat like that (whose name isn't Flavor Flav) isn't all there anyway. OBP or no OBP.

Tiger is currently on the leaderboard in the Tour Championship. He's all over the course, but is just a few strokes off the lead, held by Bart Bryant (and two strokes behind Retief). If he can hit some more fairways over the weekend, watch out. I'd watch Goosen as well, because we know what he can do when he gets on a roll. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Bryant started falling off the board. He's looking a little shaky, in my opinion.

Miami or Va Tech? Now this is football, folks. Two of the top offenses in the country going head to head. This is what the new ACC is all about. This is why they made the moves they did. Excellent. I'm calling Va Tech in this year's game, however, and my reason is simple: Defense. OK, maybe it's not that simple, (special teams too), but the VT defense is superior to the 'Canes and that will make the difference Saturday night.

Hockey is off and rolling, to record home crowds, but in non-Hockey towns, no one seems to notice or care. I'm a Chicago sports fan, so I don't mind seeing the Hawks do well, but I'm no big-time fan, so I guess I'm in the "I could give a ___" camp.

NBA is off and running as well. Is it just me, or is it just really boring until late in the fourth quarter? I know, it's not just me, but where's the excitement? More about the stupid dress code than anything else. And, speaking of that, have you seen what they're wearing? Is that a dress code? Come on. Don't waste my time on that crap anymore. Maybe in a month or two it will get more exciting. The Lakers v. Suns game last night was a good one, so I guess it could be that I'm just not watching enough of the "good" games. Shaq going down isn't going to help the NBA any and certainly not the viewership of TNT or the start of the season for the Heat either. Ah, well, it'll all work itself out, and soon enough I'll be watching all the NBA I can stand.

What's the deal with TO? Naming his own injuries and time off the field. Dissing McNabb and the Eagles once again. Calling his own press conference, and then just saying "I'm sorry" (pretty much) and taking off. The man just might get the Tampa/Keyshawn treatment sometime soon.

Will the Saints move out of New Orleans? I'd say, without a doubt. It's over for the Big Easy. At least they'll still have the Hornets (??). San Antonio is ready for a team, and I'd love to be about an hour away from the NFL, but if they're just going to turn around and go to LA, then forget it. Why the hell to you give LA a fourth shot at a NFL team. FOURTH!?!?! Stupid. I think they've had enough tries at it for a while. Screw them.

Speaking of football, will Peyton finally win one in Foxboro? He hasn't had a better chance than this. If he does, he should have anyway, and if he doesn't, he can't handle the pressure. Fun for him, eh? You could call this little baby Must See TV. I'm rooting for him, if not only to get the sportsmedia off of his back. But, either way, I have an idea that this will be one helluva game.

Alright that's it for now. Well, except, Hey Matt, is Reggie going to buy the Twins? Not likely at all. As we know, the Twins owner is the second wealthiest owner in all of sports (even though you wouldn't know it by the payroll). I don't think he needs the money. Reggie had better look elsewhere (again).


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