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"Lou is not talking about mechanics when he goes out to the mound,"
~Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Great Day in Sports

What a day for my roommates and I to unveil the new 3 tv set display in the living room. Between playoff baseball and maybe the most exciting day of college football in my lifetime, we sure needed it.

Starting with baseball, I thought this was as much of a must-win for the Astros as a game 3 could be in a tied series. Looking ahead, the Backe/Suppan matchup clearly favors the Cards. So winning today with "Rocket" on the mound was vital. As much as I hate to admit it, this seems like it may be the Astros year. Eveything is working for them. Garner's drastic changes in his lineup from day to day end up being good moves. Flyballs are getting jsut deep enough to become home runs. Sanders and Nunez are banged up. No word on when they will play again. Everything seems to be going Houston's way.

Does anyone else cringe everytime a ball is hit into the Crawford boxes? I feel like cheap home runs take away from the purity of the game. I wouldn't mind starting a discussion about regulation fields. No other sport has a playing field that varies so drastically from one town to the next. So why does baseball? Plus, sabermetricians would no longer have to mess with those pesky park adjusting figures.

Chicago looks prime to make it to the series this year. That's good news for Joe Morgan and people of his ilk. This gives them one more opportunity to tell us why we should steal second every chance we get or sac bunt in the first inning. I still don't understand why teams that have trouble scoring runs are so often praised for their offensive style.

Onto college football. I've taken a long time to jump on the Notre Dame bandwagon. Mainly because I don't subscribe to the Charlie Weis Will Save The World Theory that so many sportswriters and my roomates have adopted. Is he a good coach? Absolutely. Is he a great coach? To be determined, but he seems to moving in that direction. Does Charlie giving a dying child the option to choose whether or not they run or pass on one play make him holier than thou? NO. I know ESPN likes their psuedo-"Lifetime" stories evry Sunday night, but it's not as though the kid asked him to run the statue of liberty or the fumbleroosky. This also isn't the first time an athlete or coach has made a nice gesture to a sick kid. How Charlie Weis obtained this God-like image is beyond me. Just remember that even though he may be a pretty good football coach, he is still just a football coach.

With the explosion of the FireJoeMorgan, ShutUpTimMcCarver, and other websites like these 2, I can't help but notice the absense of BringBackMaxKellerman.com

How dumb was it for Leinart and Bush to decide on their own to try a QB sneak with no timeouts and under 10 seconds? Had he not got in there wouldn't have even been time for a field goal to tie.

Do you think the Minnesota coaching staff wishes they would have informed their punter to take a safety if there was a bad snap? That's got to be a tough way to lose.

Here's to the hope that Sunday brigns just as much excitement as Saturday.

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