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Friday, October 14, 2005

Astros Tie NLCS at 1

(AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The Astros finally beat the Cardinals in the postseason. First time they've managed that feat. Congrats. Roy Oswalt, Houston's best playoff pitcher the last two years, made sure of it by holding the Cardinals down for seven innings. Then Brad Lidge, perhaps the League's best closer, came in and shut the Cards down over the last two innings.

The Astros have not lost a road game in the last two seasons when leading after eight innings. They've only lost one game actually, and that was to the Cubs on the last Friday of the year, when the North Siders gave Lidge his first blown save of the year. Nice for us Cub Fans, but I think it might have been what the Astros needed, as they've looked pretty tough late in the game ever since.

How about Chris Burke? The man's performing when it counts. Always someone like that who jumps out during the playoffs and this year it's Burke. He's on fire (kinda like his 'brows).

It's also the first time in five games that Reggie Sanders didn't have at least two RBI's. His diving/flopping attempt at a leftfield line drive last night injured his lower back and may have given him a concussion. I'm fairly sure that So Taguchi won't be able to fill the gap left by Sanders' departure. The fans in St. Louis like Taguchi, but that doesn't mean he's ready to help them take out the Astros' pitching.

Tomorrow it's Clemens vs. Morris. Another good matchup. With the extra day or two off, I think Roger will be ready this time, and I'd be worried if I was a Redbird. We'll have to wait and see.

Tonight, it's game three of the ALCS. I'm just glad the White Sox and Angels can play a frickin' game so I can stop hearing about "the call". Please, let it go. Josh Paul should have tagged A.J., and none of this would be talked about. Simple as that. Easier to blame the boys in blue than yourself I guess.

Speaking of tonight, it's Garland against Lackey. Lackey has looked really good so far in the playoffs, and Garland has yet to pitch one inning. I thin the time off may hurt Garland in the first inning or two, but if he can hold off the Angels for a few, it should be a good game. If the Angels pounce on him right away, could be ugly.

We'll find out tonight.

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