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Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Baseballer's View on College Football

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Well, I really don't know what the hell I'm talking about lots of times (as you may have noticed once or twice), and with College Football, it's easy to see I'm no Mel Kiper, but nonetheless, I'm going to spout off on the opening weekend of National Drunkeness otherwise known as "Hey, Football started, dude!!"

First off, I have to comment on the guys on College Gameday, who are currently talking about "the favorite in the Big East", as I catch up on the days activities on ESPN. Ummm... yeah. That's like talking about the best tasting sewage in New Jersey. Looking for Viewer Ratings, perchance? The Mountain West is a better football conference than the Big East. Sorry y'all, but deal with it. Just wait 'til Hoops and you'll quickly feel better. Until then, have a Genesee and chill, K? Cool.

Anyway, for most of the rest of the country, College Football is something to get excited about. Well, not in Norman (Gunn threw for 222 on the Sooner D?) or College Station (Stuckey is a fast one, isn't he?! And wtf was that XP kick all about?) thus far, but perhaps it's about time the Big 12 got a wake up call.

I live in Austin and have to hear all about Texas football 24/7 (at least in September), and honestly, they do have a great squad this year. However, with away games at Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Missouri and Texas A&M, much less the game with now bitter Oklahoma in Dallas (yeah, OU's quarterback sucks, really sucks, but Stoops will have them ready for the game, maybe the only one that counts for 'em) things will be tough for the boys in Burnt Orange. BUT, UT is ready for some payback after five straight losses to the Sooners, and they've got the talent to make it happen this season, so I'd take the 'Horns if money was involved. Not that I'd advocate that sort of thing. In writing at least.

Well, I wouldn't take 'em over the Trojans, 'cause I'm not a crack smoker and Derrick Johnson is in the NFL. Did you hear tix in Columbus for the Ohio St. - Texas game are going for $1500 a pair? Insanity.

What other games were hot today? USC and Texas rolled over cream puffs, so those don't count. So did Arizona State and Cal. But Tennessee had all it could handle with perrenial power UAB. Wait, that's Hoops again. UAB Football is the equivalent of Virginia Tech Hoops. The Volunteers might slide a bit. Auburn getting taken out by GA Tech was a surpriser too. There goes the winning streak.

Michigan won an easy one vs. Northern Illinois, although the 148 yards on 17 carries they gave up to Garrett Wolfe has the rest of the Big Ten salivating. (Garrett Wolfe?) As does the squeaker Illinois had over Rutgers. Yeah, Rutgers. Hah hah. Iowa's going to crush both of 'em.

How about Georgia slapping Boise State around? Either Georgia is underranked at 13 or the Broncos are overrated at 18. I'd stick with the former. And I'd stick with D.J. Shockley. He threw for 285 yds., tossed 5 TD's and ran for 76 yds and a TD as well, leading both teams in passing and rushing. Watch out Spurrier. The Dawgs are comin', and it's going to be ugly next weekend.

Notre Dame! Weis gets win number one rolling all over Pitt 42-21, and it wasn't even that close. Sorry Wannstedt. You blew up in Chicago (in a bad way), you struggled in Miami, but I thought you'd have more of a shot in the College ranks, especially with your alma mater. Ouch. If the game with the Irish is any indicator, good luck being an analyst on TV or getting a radio show or something.

Oh, and don't forget about Wisconsin's Brian Calhoun rushing for 258 yds. and 5 TD's vs. Bowling Green. Bowling Who? Before you say that, better remember who their QB is: Omar Jacobs. He was 29-50 today, throwing for 440 yards (avg. 8.8 yds. per att.) and 4 TD's. Yeah, that's 440 yards. I think that's Adrian Peterson and Reggie McNeil in the rearview mirror, my man. Leinart went 18 for 24, collecting 332 yards (13.8 per att) with 3 TD's, so he's still the fave. Since he's the best player on the best team and all that. But, if your making a list, you ought to include Omar in your pro-level QB list as well as the Heisman list (yeah, yeah, one game), but that's just one guy's opinion. And Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs'. And Coach Brandon's. And some guy named Mel.

That's all I've got for now. Get ready for FSU vs. Miami. That ought to be fun.


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